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I drove a BMW 320d

Posted: 22nd November 2010 by Jacky Yong in Cars
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Few dreams can become reality, at least for me. But today, it happened! It has always be my dream to drive a BMW. Today I did not just drive it. I trashed it “kau-kau”. It was the BMW demonstration on Dynamic Stability Control (DSC for short) for a lucky few members of the public. I saw it on […]

Migrate from OpenX to DoubleClick

Posted: 18th November 2010 by Jacky Yong in Computers

Both OpenX and DoubleClick are advertisement serving engines that you can plugin to your site for managing and serving ads. They are both very popular ad-serving solutions, but recently my company decided to migrate all their ad management from OpenX to DoubleClick. What triggered the decision? Actually the management has been meaning to migrate to […]