By Jacky Yong

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  1. Joseph says:


    how are you boss…
    Long time never see you online d… what ya busy?

  2. Meor says:

    Hi there jacky yeong.
    Just want to ask you. Did you still used proton wira with ngv? I’m thinking to buy an injection wira (auto) and install an ngv system to it. Is it economical? Hows about the maintainance if the car and also the ngv? Any advise arr surely welcome.


    P/s: Nice blog contain you have. 🙂

  3. Jacky Yong says:

    Hi there. Yes I am still using the Wira auto with NGV. It is very very economical. But that car is now 16 years old! In terms of cars, it is considered ancient! All the parts are falling apart. In fact tomorrow I need to service the car again, the power steering got some weird sound. Two weeks ago the car died in the middle of a highway because the distributor died! The suspension also got some weird noise at high speed. Otherwise the NGV itself is still going strong! All the problems with the car is not related to the NGV at all.

    Wira spare part is damn cheap. Even though need to change, it’s still cheap and easy to find. Toyota is also a good car to convert to NGV. Do not convert Nissan, they say it’s not advisable due to material of the engine (aluminium).

    Thanks for your comments. 😉