Genuine vs Fake Toyota Long Life Coolant

Posted: 9th January 2011 by Jacky Yong in Cars
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Malaysia memang boleh! Anything and everything that can be faked, has been faked! DVD’s, Croc shoes, LV bags, Nokia batteries, Ringgit notes, including the topic of my blog entry, engine coolant!

There are probably counterfeit Honda and Proton coolants as well in the market, probably from the same factory too! Just the label and packaging change only mah, and probably the colouring agent too! The profit is just too high; RM21.90 for a bottle of original Toyota coolant!

Enough talk, have a look at these pictures:

See the difference?

See the difference? Top is genuine


Genuine, the red is more red, and the fonts sharper


See the difference? Red colour is very obvious. Also the missing "Toyota Genuine Parts"

View from the bottom

View from the bottom. Left is genuine

Side by side

Side by side, top is genuine


Genuine, the Toyota emblem and word more refined


Fake ..... urgh, take a look at it yourself!


Genuine, proper address and a barcode


I think even the address is fake!

Open the top

Genuine carries no words on the aluminium foil

These pictures were taken back in 2009. Since then, the pirates might have already improved on their methods. So probably many of the things here might not be relevant anymore. For example just today I went to buy two bottles of coolants from Toyota Balakong, and the cap contains an embossed emblem of Toyota! So the point is, just be careful of the parts you buy from spare part shops and mechanics. I would say 95% of them sells fake parts.

  1. Tiger says:

    I stopped buying from spare part shops since I don’t know how to differentiate genuine vs imitation. I get all stuffs from authorised service centre and motor oil from petrol stations.

  2. karl says:

    its not malaysia la who had it faked..they only do the printing..the rest u know la

  3. Jai TurboBee says:

    Thank you for the valuable info Jacky.. never thought it will be in our market… demmm bad seller……

  4. izham says:

    thanks for sharing bro 🙂 nice post .. spread the words~! protecting our community from fake n low quality product!

  5. Tan says:

    Hi Jacky. The aluminium foil genuine is got word printed on top. The rest you share are accurate.

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  7. Fiziee says:

    Thanks jacky😀

  8. Nik says:

    Thank you so much admin for sharing..