I have just upgraded to Drupal 5.3!!!

Posted: 19th October 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Silly me

I was so taken away at just how absurdly simple everything went! The earlier problems that I had, all gone! I just followed the simple procedures in Drupal’s website and everything just fell into place! Let me recall what I just did:
1. Change default theme back to Garland (Drupal 5.x’s default theme)

2. Backup database using phpMyAdmin.

3. Backup files in my webhost using FTP.

4. Downloaded and copied the latest version of Drupal 5.3 into a dummy folder in my website. Run update.php in that dummy website.

5. Confirmed that everything is smooth. Then copied Drupal 5.3 into my live site and run update.php. It complained that there was nothing to upgrade, since I have already upgraded using the dummy site earlier.

6. Hey, I’m done!
I can skip step 2, 3 and 4, those are not important to the whole upgrade process. They are just “insurance”, in case anything goes wrong.
Okay, time to get back all my modules and themes that I lost….. but before that, I need to sleep…. zzzzz…..