I love this Z1!

Posted: 20th April 2014 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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Yay, more updates to the phone! This is already the 3rd update, including the first time I bought it. All updates seems to add new functions and features. And seems more stable.

So it’s been more than 2 months that I’ve been using this phone, how does it fare?

My biggest praise for this phone is its amazing water resistance. I am an alpha-male, who leads an active, don’t-give-a-fuck life. No amount of dirt or sun or rain can stop me living my life. So why should my phone be such a sissy? (I’m looking at you iPhone) With just a screen protector and a hard plastic back, me and my Z1 are out conquering the world! I have been rain soaked, swimming and climbing mountains with this phone, and none seems to faze it. It’s really quite impressive!

It’s also quite a chick magnet itself too. I find myself starting a conversation just by them chicks looking at it. And yes to be frank it lends itself quite admirably in the looks department, especially if I take it off from the plastic cover. Sure, the all-glass construction is a fingerprint magnet, but nothing like a good wash couldn’t take away. Compared to the all plastic Samsung and the boring iPhone, this Z1 takes the cake!

This being an Android phone, being able to customize is a huge advantage, at least for a tinkerer like me. A lot of apps are free, and they are no worse than Apple’s app store in terms of usability. I can go on and on comparing the Apple and the Google app store, but I’ll leave that argument out, it’s subjective to a lot of people anyway.

It’s been a few months of usage and I have already updated the software a couple of times. So good support from Sony here, although this is just an AP phone. So far so good, I’m liking it!