Install SG & MY Garmin on your iDevice

Posted: 26th July 2012 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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This is an updated post. There were a lot of questions asked during my previous post that were unanswered, and I shall answer them all here. I will try to be as specific as I can be, so this post will be continuously updated as I get more clarity.

As usual the things that you need:

  1. A copy of Garmin SG & MY, obtained legally or otherwise. ***** ahem 🙂 ******
  2. a jailbroken iDevice + iDevice cable
  3. iFunbox
  4. iFile
  5. Malaysia’s map file (or any country of your choice). I obtain my Malaysia / Singapore map from
I will skip the part about how to install Garmin SG & MY in your iDevice, as I assume that you know some basic jailbreaking and installation skill.
The difference between this post and my previous post is obviously the choice of Garmin app. My previous post uses Garmin no map, whereas this post uses Garmin SG & MY which has the full map onboard! Yes, that’s a staggering 1.4 gigabyte of goodness that you need to download! Just be patient while installing, good things comes to those who wait! 😉
First let’s make sure that your Garmin is activated. Run Garmin now to make sure it runs fine. You might see this error when running it for the first time:
Error Authenticate

Authentication Failure, uh-oh somebody forgot to buy the original app ….

In this case, just go to iFile, navigate to “/etc”, locate the host file and add these lines:
Alternatively you can also edit the host file using iFunBox:

Select “Raw File System”, then locate “/etc/”

Close Garmin, kill it from the background, reboot if you have to. Then run Garmin again to make sure that the message is gone.

Next we need to update the map. The maps given by default is crappy. So what you should do is to download your own map and combine it with the built-in map. I use Gmaptool to combine my maps.

Use iFunBox, extract the maps from this location:

[SG & MY]/

Go to User Application – SG & MY – – storage-singapore-malaysia – .System

Download only gmap3d.img. You can actually safely delete off the rest of the *.img file if you want to, they take up spaces anyway sitting there doing nuttin’. EDIT : a reader az mentioned that you must delete off all except gmap3d.img. According to him if you don’t you will encounter the “Map need activation online”. Thank you az!

Open Gmaptool. Select the gmap3d.img and your img file you want to use. Combine them, give it a name. Remember to tick “Remove unlock  codes”:

Join the files together

Check that the size of the result file is roughly the same as the combination of the two earlier files. Rename the result file as gmap3d.img. Import the file back into the original location in your iDevice using iFunbox.

And you are basically done! My previous installation using the US Garmin needed me to set the file permission, but it seems that this SG / MY one doesn’t. Go ahead, give it a try outside and tell me if it worked for you in the comments below ….

EDIT : Please go over to my new post if you are not sure about combining the maps. And someone asked me if the JCV works. Short answer is, yes. But you do not need the JCV from malsingmap. By default there is already a junction view (sort of) built-in. Here’s how it looks like:

Junction View

Junction View

  1. david says:

    I was change the host with

    and i still get “authentication failure” messages, so i still cant get in to the app..
    but btw thanx Jacky Yong for the respon my question.. 🙂

  2. turtlebusiness says:

    hey Jack,

    thanks for the info.
    got it done.
    basically it is the same as the gps device.
    u may change the vehicle icon and audio if you wish.
    but i do have a problem.
    are you able to locate any .gpi files in order to insert the custom POI?
    for traffic cameras purposes.
    cos i have to admit, i am unable to locate any.


  3. azuiya says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!..I manage to have garmin in my iPhone now..:-)…Really helped!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Suds says:

    Hey jacky, good post. Tried to edit the hosts file in iFile, with the edits you suggested. After which I saved and then tried to restart my Garmin app, still says needs authentication after I killed the app and restarted it. What am I not doing right? Thanks.

  5. Khai says:

    This is really awesome!!works amazingly on my iPhone!thanks bro!

  6. Edwin says:

    Suds, you must delete off all the files in [SG & MY]/ folder except gmap3d.img.

  7. Suds says:

    Ahh ok! Thanks @edwin! But I’m on a Mac so I need to get to a PC first to use the map editors. I tried searching for the Mac equivalents. Couldn’t find any except ifunbox.

  8. Buragas says:

    i got this warning

    “Activation of maps requires internet connection. please ensure you have a connection to the internet using either your data plan or wifi”

    how to do about it. FYI i am always connected to the internet

  9. ferbulous says:

    Does the JCV from malsingmaps still works if I replaced the map with MFM?

  10. Dolgila says:

    Hello,i have installed Garmin SG & MY v2.1 on Installuos but when I go to iFile to delete the default imgs, i cant find the .System folder. The only folders there are Text,Vehicle & Voice. Installed I-Fun Box on PC but it cant detect my Devices. And Garmin still promots for Internet Connection to activate the maps. I have included the 3 addresses on the hosts file.

    Pls help. Much appreciated.


  11. grouper says:

    I try to follow ur step by step but at the end there are still no map 2 my iphone ios 5.1

  12. rashdar says:

    Thanks! it works. I follow all the steps except I did not join the files. I download the latest map from malsingmap and rename it as gmap3d.img.

  13. Will says:

    Edwin, can you please tell me how do I get to “[SG & MY]/ folder except gmap3d.img.” ???

    I am still getting the Authentication Failure error. Please help!

  14. Will says:

    This post and the previous post seems specific for SG & MY. I am now all confused with all the comments and everybody saying different things. Can you make a clean new post to use with the USA map only and not mentioning Singapore and Malaysia? I am pretty sure that me and others will really appreciate this. Thanks!!!

  15. ayam390 says:

    After you done everything and If you still get the “Authentication Failure”, try to turn off your phone’s data and 3G, don’t let the phone connect to the internet, and I don’t think you need to connect to the net when using GPS 😛

    and know my pronlem is my iPhone 3gs can’t log to the Satterlite, anyone have any ideal to help? But when I open my “Maps” App in the phone is doing well.

  16. Fad says:

    *UPDATE on 11th Jan 2012*

    This method works! thanks a lot! Just make sure to do these steps:

    – Update your iTunes and iFunBox to the latest version, if not it will not sync and iFunBox will not detect your device.

    -Download the lastest map from malsingmap and remember to rename!

    I’m now enjoying the offline directions in SG & MY while driving courtesy of Garmin for free! 🙂

  17. sadiesbanget says:

    If you jailbreaked, you also need “firewall” to block port 80 (well at least is working to me with blocking authentication)
    just struggle with gmap3d -___-

  18. WildSanchez says:

    I have followed the instructions but when I go to Settings > myMaps and None found.

    Please let me know where to download the maps for USA.


  19. kelvin says:

    where can download the gmap.img file ?

  20. darek says:

    garmin iphone 5 ios 6.1.2 jailbroke

    in version 2.3 everything worked beautifully,
    I made update to 2.4 and stopped

  21. Dr Viki says:

    Hi, I’m using ipad mini- jailbroken- new user and unfamiliar with apple application
    using ifile I unable to identify the mentioned file
    Please guide me to how to (navigate to “/etc”, locate the host file and add these lines:

  22. Lopen says:

    Firstly many thanks to Jacky for a very usefull post. I have just managed to install Garmin on ios6.1.2 and perhaps some info below will be usefull to some.

    1) Garmin ver 2.3 seems to have closed the loophole on host file. Even using firewall it would not work. So, best option, find an older version. I found a nice 2.0 USA version which comes with AUST n NZ map on torrent

    2) I downloaded MalFreemaps and generated gmapsupp.img. Rename the file to gmapprom1.img and now my Garmin works with Aust, NZ, Msia n Singapore map.

    3) If you have Mapsource, you can download Garmin NT maps, generate the img file (its the same gmapsupp.img) and load it as well.

    Good luck !

  23. Jemmy says:

    for those who have none map please do this in iFile……

    If you already have (or downloaded) .deb file for the “ifile” , just copy it into ” /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall ” (using ixplorer) and it will install automatically after you reboot your iphone.

    Next step, open “ifile” and go to the same directory as mentioned in (5), then tap the blue colour arrow next to the “gmapprom.img” .

    Change the permission ( User, Group, World ), all to [ Read , Write ].

  24. Jacky Yong says:

    Gosh, so many updates since I last checked! Many thanks to readers Lopen and Jemmy for your valuable inputs.

  25. Steve says:

    Took me a while to set this Garmin. A big thanks to Jacky. Here’s some steps for those who are stuck:-
    1.Download Garmin Sg\My app

    2.Download iFunbox on to your pc. Follow step(Alternatively you can also edit the host file using iFunBox) above.

    3.Here’s the tricky part-adding, and into iFunBox (I have updated the post to mention exactly where to get to the host file. For those who still fails authentication, you can try these several methods:
    a. download the hosts file into your PC and inspect it using a Wordpad. I encounter once where the iFunbox did not save my host file. After you have made sure the host file is in order, upload it back to your iDevice.
    b. Close your app, make sure you remove it from the background. Better yet, restart your iDevice. I too encounter this many times. Restarting usually does the trick.

    4.Download Gmaptool from the internet:-

    5.Follow the rest of the steps from this thread.

  26. Jacky Yong says:

    Many thanks for the detailed explanation. I do agree, many will encounter problem at the adding the lines at the host file.

  27. achap says:

    okay i got it done. for those who haven’t get it done yet, try to follow this step.
    1. install apps and do the authentication part.
    2. then disconnect your phone from internet.
    3. open up garmin until it says maps activation requires internet.
    4. exit garmin and kill it from your background.
    5. use gmaptool and combine your maps just like the step of combining the maps.
    6. use ifunbox and simply just copy from pc the custom gmap3d.img.
    7. then delete the other unnecessary and unused img file.
    8. reboot your phone and open up garmin. and there you go enjoy your garmin.

  28. Sapek says:

    Hello bros, sorry to bother..

    I did all the necessary step u mention but when i tried to combine the map using GMapTool it failed. Here are the error message. Hope that you can assist me please. Thanks in advance

    Join all maps.
    Input file: C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmap3d.img.
    Input file: C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapbmap.img.
    Input file: C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapprom.img.
    Input file: C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapprom1.img.
    Input file: C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmaptz.img.
    Reading file C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmap3d.img.
    Reading file C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapbmap.img.
    Reading file C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapprom.img.
    Reading file C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmapprom1.img.
    Reading file C:/Users/user/Desktop/gmaptz.img.
    Size: block 4096, header 122880, file 195301376
    Create output file error, file E:/gmap3d.img.

    There were errors, result is faulty.


  29. Kit says:

    How do I enable 2 countries map without having to combine 2 countries map in 1 single file? I tried downloaded Indonesia Map and rename it as gmap3d1.img. I’m not able to locate the Indonesia map from Iphone Garmin Settings –> MyMap but I am able to see the Indonesia map if rename the Indonesia map to gmap3d.img

  30. Jc says:

    Hi, your tips work like a charm. I have installed on iPhone 3GS. The only thing is if I use pure gps, garmin takes a long time to lock my position. Wonder if you have any tips or experience the same thing?

  31. Jacky Yong says:

    Jc, I have the exact same problem. A smartphone’s GPS normally does not a very strong GPS chip. That is why recently I bought a bluetooth GPS receiver, GlobalSat BT-359 from ebay for less than RM150. The receiver took some time to lock, but once it’s locked, it never lets go! Best solution for the flaky GPS on our 3GS!

  32. Mahesh says:

    How to root the file (etc) Please help..

  33. Choongster says:

    Just trying to upload a malsingmaps map file onto garmin IOS
    After following all instruction , the map file is still not listed on “MyMaps” on garmin IOS.

    I did the gmaptool way,
    i did the rename .. nothing works..

    I do not have the authentication message .. i got no issue with that.
    Only issue is the map file not shown ..

  34. az says:

    hai JY.. ios 7 jb, host file dalam /etc sudah tak ada la, raw files semua sudah tak sama, ada idea mcm mn nak pasang dekat ios 7?

  35. az says:

    ok2 sudah boleh

  36. Fad says:

    Hi, wondering if anyone have updated the Garmin SG app to the latest one and using iOS 7.04? I’m still at iOS 6.1.2 using Garmin SG v2.01. I want to update to iOS 7.04, but wants to know if the cracked version is still compatible.


  37. budaknakal says:

    az…lu ada problem tak install kat ios 7 dengan garmin version 2.6…Gua masih tak boleh ley..