Karmic Koala vs Windows 7

Posted: 21st December 2009 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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My first impression of Windows 7 was good. Coming from a Windows XP environment, W7 proves to be a refreshing change in terms of speed and looks. Perhaps this is really not a fair comparison. The aging XP was really quite bloated with all the softwares I installed. Being an easily infested little weakling, XP had to fortify itself with an antivirus and a strong firewall. That I think, contributed to its comparatively slow startup.

Enter Window 7. Microsoft promised that W7 will load faster, more secure, and at the same time, look sexier. There has been a lot of good reviews about W7, and naturally I was tempted to try it out. I finally had the chance to do it last week. Formatted XP and replaced the damn machine with Windows7. Even the installation process was a breeze compared to the old XP days. Only a minor hiccup occured, otherwise the installation went without a hitch.

And I do have to agree, Windows 7 delivers! The startup time has been greatly reduced compared to XP. It still requires an antivirus though, but there are a lot of good antivirus out there, some even free. I used Avast, a good (free) antivirus software that protected my previous XP from a lot of possible damage. It updates almost everyday too, keeping the virus threat to a minimum. The only thing close to annoying is its sound; every time it updates itself, it goes “Virus database has been updated”! Scared the hell out of me especially on a quiet night! But that can easily be taken care of.

Windows 7 still requires some learning curve. I have not yet fully explored its features, such as the proper sanction of each different users in the machine. For example, I installed Google Chrome as the administrator, but I cannot apply Chrome as the system-wide default browser. It only affects the account where you are logged in as. So if you use another account, that account will have to do its own installation of Chrome. Not a show-stopper, but I guess this is a good security feature. These and a lot of other features will need a little getting used to.

Just when I thought my machine couldn’t get any faster, the latest reincarnation of the ever famous Ubuntu blew it out of the waters! The speed is like nothing I have ever seen on my machine, PERIOD! I do not have the data to back my claim, but I can say that it is at least about 5 seconds faster than W7! And that is blazing fast! Being an avid Ubuntu fan, the interface pose no challenge to me. I can easily find my ways in Ubuntu like a fish to waters. Perhaps the speed was due to the fact that I used ext4 as the file system for the boot and root.

Karmic Koala does not promise to revolutionize Ubuntu. Karmic Koala only have very basic promise, to speed up its loading time. And Ubuntu delivers on its already very usable and stable platform. Of course, I still find myself dual-booting back to W7 for Photoshop and Canon’s DPP. But for all my everyday use, Karmic Koala will rise to the challenge, and in good speed too!

  1. Snoopy says:

    Win 7 was much more better than Win Vista!
    Win Vista Suck…