Page Blank after upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1

Posted: 3rd May 2008 by Jacky Yong in Computers

Sometimes it’s not that good to have too much updates so often. Every now and then I will have to be bugged by the message “Your WordPress is out of date. Please update to version xxx”. To be honest, I feel harassed. It seem that it wasn’t that long ago that I upgraded to version 2.5, now they have 2.5.1! Aiyo, one of these days I’m gonna have to install one of those auto-upgrade features.

I have purposely put off the upgrading to the very last minute, until my plugins won’t work anymore. Hesitantly I upgraded it. It all seem smooth at first, until my page returns BLANK! What happened? I quickly disabled all plugins, but it still shows blank! In panic, I restored the previous files, but to no avail. I even sent a bug to help desk.

I didn’t wait for them to reply. I tried to debug it. Luckily I found the error logs and where to retrieve it; from the cpanel. The error files showed where the error was, in my side.php file, it told me:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function goldfries_randomposts() in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/df_simpress/side.php on line 49

The plugin by Goldfries is giving me problems. Upon inspection, it’s actually the Random Post by Goldfries. My auto plugin update said that it needs an update, and that update has changed ownership. It no longer belongs to Goldfries, it is now belonging to a Rob Marsh. There is a simple solution for this. Change the code in your page like this:

<?php goldfries_randomposts(); ?>
<?php random_posts(); ?>

After that my website works properly. Goldfries, it seems that you will need to update your plugins. I’m sure there will be a lot more people who will encounter this error.

Oh yeah, Goldfries’ random post is not the only plugin that does not work with WordPress 2.5.x. It seems the Popularity Contest by Alexking is also not compatible. It does not break my site (yet). Let’s hope someone will pick this up and solve it soon, or else I will just have to remove it from my website.

  1. goldfries says:

    Interesting. I personally haven’t upgrade my blog to WP 2.5 thus have not faced this issue. 😀

    Nevertheless, it’s interesting how this 1 plugin could make your page blank.

    Will look into it. Thank you!

  2. goldfries says:

    Jacky, I’ve looked into it. I upgraded my WP to 2.5.1 and i had no problem using it.

    So clearly the plugin was compatible with WP 2.5.1

    And it’s still using

    The page shouldn’t appear empty either if the plugin had issues.

    1. Which version were you using?
    2. Were you using it via Widget?

    Try downloading the latest version if you’re not using it yet. The ownership shouldn’t be changing either because it would require modification on the file before appearing like that.

  3. Jacky Yong says:

    This is really weird. I am not using it via Widget. I modify my side.php file in my theme directly by adding this line:

    < ?php goldfries_randomposts(); ?>

    Have a look at a screenshot of my plugins:

    Random Posts

    This was what happened when I clicked on the automatically download and install upgrade for this plugin. Weird ain’t it?

  4. goldfries says:

    Hehe, looks funny.

    Version, description also totally different already. 🙂

  5. Jacky Yong says:

    Exactly! This Rob Marsh guy trying to hijack your plugin?