What the heck is Ketuanan Melayu?

Posted: 17th September 2015 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs

Just what the heck is this so-called “Ketuanan Melayu” that these red-shirt jokers are fighting for? The very meaning of this phrase is demeaning and reeks of racism.

Let’s understand what the phrase Ketuanan Melayu and what it means. The word ketuanan comes from the word tuan which means master or ruler. So this phrase imply that the Malays are superior among all the other races. But which part of the law or provision says so? Although I am not a Johorean, I respect what the Sultan of Johore said when he said that there is no space for racists in his royal highness’s land. That is what all leaders here in Malaysia should emulate.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Malays. In fact I have a lot of Malay friends, Chinese friends, Indian friends, Chindians, Malindian, Chinalay, and everything in between! And I love all of them. But we all work hard together in this country, we all have fun together, we defend this country together. So why should only one race be made the de-facto master? And please, do not bring the issue of pendatang into the picture. We chinese and indian are born in Malaysia, and we die in Malaysia, so there shouldn’t be any argument of who-comes-first-gets-to-rule-first.

There is also another stake that the clueless demonstrators claimed, that they are supposed to be protecting the dignity (maruah) of the Malays. To this I have to say to them, dignity is earned, not fought for, just like respect and trust. So the very act of demonstrating for this “dignity” just destroyed whatever maruah that you have left in you. I have never had any respect for UMNO leaders, but some of them still have the guts to say what is right.

But at the end of the day, it is up to the rakyat to decide for themselves. Let’s just see what happens.

  1. ali says:

    What the heck of ketuanan melayu??? Well is not that hard to learn what ketuanan means..but dont want to know about it..and what you have in mind is FAIR..isn’t???

    What is FAIR means??

    Malay/bumiputera get 33%
    chinese get 33%
    indian 33%

    What about the population??

    Malay/bumiputera 60%
    Chinese 25 %
    Indian 15 %

    As a malay..im happy to give up the ketuanan melayu and perkara 153..but when malay gain control 60% of the economy,chinese 25% and indian 15 %..all chinese and indian give up their mother tounge and bahasa melayu as bahasa rasmi and tak rasmi..that means all chinese and indian have to speak in malay everyday without fail..

    But if situation doesn’t change..im sure all malays wont let anything mess with the ketuanan melayu and perkara 153..we are native and majority here..our leader is nothing if we arent happy with them…

    And i want you to know..chinese gain control the economy because we malays let them. it is in the constitution that allow malay to limited what ever quota even license for busines for non malay..so dont try to be ‘ besar kepala ‘…we not afraid that malaysia will be poor if that happend..because even malaysia getting rich,we are still in the same situation.you chinese monopolies everything,bribing our leader and sell the drug to teenager..we know what chinese have dont to malay..we are waiting for the right time to act…

    Getting another 10 millions malay as malaysian is easy..we can give them nationality to the muslim in indonesia and Filipinos like our ruler give your granfather nationality before this…at that time chinese will be tiny rat shit in this land..