An eulogy to a best friend

Posted: 27th March 2010 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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On a still and quiet night like these, I can really sit down and pen my thoughts about a dearly missed friend. One that has been with me for more than 5 years, but is now in heaven.

She’s my dear cat. The only cat that I have ever really give my heart for in my entire life of having pets. I have had pets since my early childhood, lots of cats, a puppy, some white mice, grasshoppers (!!), fishes. But this particular cat is different. I know she is different the moment I saw her for the first time in SPCA in Jalan Ampang.

It was way back on 21 August 2004 that I collected her from SPCA. She stood out as the only kitten that responded positively when I called. She kept rubbing her body against my legs, begging me to pat her. I immediately had a chemistry with her, and I bought her, for RM200!! I was shocked actually, I thought these cats were free, since nobody wanted them anymore. Anyway it was money well spent, as I received endless love in return, as I shall see….

The SPCA told me that she is a local / mixed Persian parentage. Her furs are soft brown and of medium length. She was not really a pretty cat to be honest, and she was not really a small kitten anymore, so the cuteness factor was not really there.

The RM200 was actually inclusive of 2 vaccination shots and one neutering operation, in November 2004, when she should reach adulthood by then. I still have the receipt with me. I did the vaccinations, but not the neutering. I couldn’t bring myself to let her undergo it. It’s kinda harsh to let her miss the joy of having kids, as I shall see later, she grew to be a great mother.

She does not have a name. She does not need a name. She just knows when I call her. It was like psychic. Sometimes she does not need to be called, she just comes right up onto your lap and snuggles around you.

Mei Fen got herself a puppy to compliment my kitten. They grew up quite nice together actually. They even appeared in my wedding video frolicking together. But in the end we had to separate them because we got married and we were busy with house renovation and moving. The dog went back to Sagil. God knows where he is now. The cat stayed with my parents for a moment in Kampar.

When we finally moved into our new house here in Seri Kembangan, we brought my parents and the cat along. But the most amazing thing happened. The cat could not sense any familiar smell and panicked! She got all agitated around the house and the next thing I knew, she ran off. And did not come back.

Until a few months later, Mei Fen called me when she reached home before me. She remember she said these words, “Let me tell you something that will make you very happy!” I thought to myself, what are the things that will make me happy? There could be two things, either her boss bought her a BMW, or the cat came back. I was thinking, her boss can’t be that generous right? Yeap, she came back. All dirty and skinny and hungry. Only my dad was at home when the cat came back. According to him, she quickly gobbled up whatever food and water that was given to her. Poor thing, I wonder what sort of adventure she has gotten herself into?

She stayed inside the house most of the times. Two major things happened that forced her to stay outside the car porch. First, my mum came to stay with us after her confinement project finished. My mum just can’t stand the sight of the critter going outside mingling with other cats and bringing back all the bacterias and germs and mites into the house. And secondly, Mei Fen got pregnant. Cats’ fur are known to bring a sort of breathing problem for small kids. So the poor cat had to be vacated outside the house. Perhaps it was this decision to keep her outside the house lead to the many problems she faced later in her life.

She grew up, and before we know it, the cat got pregnant herself too! Her first three litters were all in pairs of one female and one male. And the male was almost always orange in colour, while the female brown. Hmmm ….. I can roughly guess the colour of the father. I remember the first litter was born on the first day of Chinese New Year. I think it was 2006, the same year that Kit Yan was born. May took the first male cat from the first litter as her pet. A few months later that cat in turn ran away from May’s house, and May got a puppy instead! 😛

Some of her kittens turned out to be rather pretty! I remember one that looked like a real Persian, with long hairs and all, while another looks just like a real Siamese, with spots in the right places! I sold these two kittens. I guess that got me back the RM200 that I paid earlier!

As I said she was a great mother. She does all she could to pamper her kids, to the extend of hiding them in hard-to-reach places, like under the tiles of the rooftops. She even once tried to “break-in” to our room and sneak into our dressing cabinet! Once we discovered that she has given birth right in our cabinet! We had to wash the entire place, it smells strongly of blood everywhere! Ewww!!

While the cat itself was really fond of me, none of her kittens were. They tend to hide in the most unlikely places when we release them from their cage. One got itself tangled inside the engine compartment of the Altis. Fortunately we discovered this before we start the engine. We had to spray water on the fella to wash the fella out! That was why none of the kittens were able to last long with us. We cannot stand their antics. They simply drive my mum crazy!

The cat was a good companion. As Kit Yan and Hui Yan was born, she also seem to know about this latest addition to the family. When I bring my kids to the playground, the cat will not be too far from us, watching intently as if trying to keep an eye on my kids. My kids love her too. I doubt they know that she is no longer with us.

The final weeks of her life were a heart-wrenching sight. She contracted this skin disease from other cats. I know, because I have seen another cat in our taman with the same disease. Her skin became flaky and hard. It was almost as if she is crumbling into sands! It started with her ears at first. I wanted very much to bath her, but she was pregnant at that time, so it was delayed. Her condition got worse and it spread to her limbs, and slowly to her entire body. Her hair started falling and she became very very skinny. She even had problem keeping her eyes open. I remember the second last time I saw her, it was probably one of the most longest time I had with her. I knew that I had to do something, but I felt helpless. The only thing I can think of was to put her to sleep, to end her suffering right at that moment. I know that she cannot last very long.

She kept to her usual self, clinging on me, begging me to stroke her. I hesitated when I saw the extend of the damage to her skin. I even insisted to climb onto my lap. I let her. She was in so much pain, she had trouble trying to balance herself on her badly infected legs. I stroked her lovingly, germs be damned. Many thoughts raced though my minds. Somehow I knew, this was going to be the last time I touch her. I even let Hui Yan and Kit Yan touch her. I just had to make sure to use a lot of Dettols to wash them later.

It was not to be the last time I saw her. The very last time was when I came back from work in the Wira. Mei Fen and Kit Yan was with me, we were car pooling to work in KL at that time. As soon as Mei Fen and Kit Yan went into the house and I was cleaning up the car, the cat immediately jumped inside the leg area of the driver’s seat! I tried to shoo her away by screaming at her, but she just wouldn’t budge. I had to use a broom to pry her away from there. The cat just jumped to the house next door and tried to enter that house instead. She was trying to play with a lizard she found on the floor of the neighbour’s house. The playful look came back to her for a while, just like the way I used to remember when she was just a kitty. I savoured all that in, because I know, she will not be with us anymore.

We did not see any carcass. We did not smell any foul stench. She just left without a trace. I did not cry when I asked my dad whether or not he see her. Nor did I cry when my wife asked me if the cat is dead. But as I am putting words on the keyboards in this darkened room, I cannot help but let my emotions runs though me.

Thank you for giving me the happiness all these years. I feel bad because I did not reciprocate your love to me. I hope that you will forgive me. You always look for my dad for fishes and biscuits, but you always look for me when you need a stroke on the ears or a scratch on the tummy. I would rather live a short live with you rather than to live an eternity without you.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.

21 August 2004 (I consider her born into my life when I took her in) – Middle of March 2010.

  1. U Joe says:

    Sorry to hear about that, my deepest condolences. I have cats at home too and know how it feels to lose them, having lost two to hit-and-run accidents in the past few years.