I waxed my car!

Posted: 12th February 2008 by Jacky Yong in Cars

“So what?”, you said? BIG DEAL really! For those who hasn’t seen (or sit on) my car yet, I own a very old 10 year old Iswara, basic spec. As Mr Yong from Infortech mentioned it himself, “kereta untuk Bangla”. Green matte in colour, which has grown holes on the roof and door. My colleague Jane Chong has appropriate put it, “The Bullet Car”, not because of the association with its speed. 😉

Back to the topic, I waxed my car! Yes, this piece of news deserves a spot on the front page of every national newspaper. I spent two days waxing it! Yes, two days, waxing and buffing it, just like Karate Kid did. How is the result? Well have a look:




Not exactly showroom condition, but I am satisfied with the results. Maybe you can’t really see it in the pictures, but I can tell you, the colours really do shine. The cloth and sponge that I used turned green from all those scrubbing and buffing:


Oh, did I show you the bullet holes in my car?


All this in the name of the Chinese New Year. Hey, one wax and one car wash per year is not too much to ask for, isn’t it? 😛

  1. libelly says:

    wax once a year i think is fine la….
    wash once a year? sure or not?
    I also wash my car minimum 3 times per year la…

  2. Ikhwan says:

    Is that a real shine or you photoshopped it? 😀

    Wax in, wax out… Haha.. I guess besides a shiny car you got a nice karate chop also now eh.. Dont mess with the Bullet(proof) Monk (you still bald?)