If this is not Muhibah, then what is?

Posted: 15th September 2009 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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1. I saw this malay kid, wearing a t-shirt with all chinese wordings there. It’s a club or something of a chinese school. How did he get to wear that t-shirt? Could be given by a chinese close friend, or maybe he studies in that school? Who know….

2. During the ghost month festival, there was a lot of prayers and offerings everywhere. I saw this temporary prayer altar built right next to a buzzing Bazaar Ramaddan. No complaints from either parties.

3. A chinese colleague of mine has a Malay husband. So naturally she celebrates Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. Her sister is married to a Christian Indian. So she celebrates Christmas and Deepavali! So her family celebrates all four major festivities in Malaysia!

4. A crazy Malay dude of mine here in the office suddenly sprang into a Teocheow song out of no reason! =P I don’t even understand Teocheow!

So you tell me, is “Race” needed in government forms? Are we really that divided? Is the cow-head incident in Shah Alam necessary?

This makes me think, are politicians still playing the racial cards to their own advantage? Are political parties that are segregated into race still relevant?

Happy 52nd Anniversary Malaysia. May you still have many more peaceful anniversaries ahead, for my two girls’ sake.