Interstellar was stellar!

Posted: 11th November 2014 by Jacky Yong in Movies and TV Shows

Interstellar is unapologetically a nerd’s movie. It was a good thing that I went alone to watch it; I would have to do a lot of explaining if my wife or kids were there. Lots of concepts about relativity, worm holes and inter-dimentional travel. It’s all a mind-boggling experience for those weaker in Physics. That said, it’s not at all a bad experience too. I watched it in IMAX, and let me tell you, I was totally immersed! There were lots of moments when I found myself gasping for breath in the darkened cinema. The ending itself sends a chill down my spine, although to be honest I find it a bit hard to believe. Ending too happy in my opinion. Also some minor plot holes, like….

* spoilers alert *
… Cooper was in the traseract, he wanted himself to stay. So why the hell did he send the location of the secret NASA Facility to himself in the first place?

* spoiler ends *

But all in all, a great story. Go catch it even if you are in it for the action sequences.