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Posted: 27th March 2008 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Silly me

I’m sure you have by now found out about this site, It’s Malaysia’s very own eBay, without the strict rules of eBay. The page loads fast and clutter free, unlike the complicated interface of or the very user-unfriendly and advertisement laden page of Its major selling point is that it is completely free for buyers and sellers alike! That is both its strength as well as its weakness.

Strength, because EVERYONE can post ANYTHING at ANYTIME! I once posted a wanted advertisement in, and it was really easy!


I only need to fill in basic details, like the region where this ad is affected, emails, phone number, etc. There is an option to hide your phone number as well to protect your privacy. The thing I do not understand is the need to specify Private or Company. There do not seem to be any distinguished difference in the ad between the two, other than the different tabs it occupies.

The ads will be displayed for 2 months. That is a good move, considering the garbage that will accumulate once the site goes warmer and builds up more traffic. Although I did mention that the rules are more lenient here, there are certain restrictions imposed too, such as forbidding the trading of illegal stuffs such as these:

  • Health and Beauty Products except Perfume
  • Used underwear
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Contact lenses (private)
  • E-mail addresses
  • Radio, TV and Internet recordings
  • Offensive propaganda
  • Alcohol
  • Liquor
  • Tobacco
  • Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Personal Messages
  • Greetings
  • Reunion Events
  • Multi Level Marketing(MLM)
  • Single Level Marketing Strategies
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbal Medications
  • Ayurvedic and Homeopathy
  • Amulets
  • Black Magic Services
  • Tangkal and Talisman
  • Loan and Financing
  • Insurance Plan and Medical Card

I can understand used underwears, but cosmetics and beauty products? Sounds a bit too restrictive, don’t you think?

The ad took less than 24 hours to activate. Once the ads are reviewed, the ads will then able to be displayed. Yes, somebody needs to review and approve them. This extra level of human control is comforting. I am just very doubtful of any computer logic.

Of course, the fact that any Tom, Dick and Harry can advertise their wares in that website, the potential for fraud is also higher. An unsuspecting buyer could end up being victim to these online crooks. Therefore, basic common sense must still be applied when trading here, like meeting for a face-to-face before committing to a purchase, especially when a big amount of money is concerned.

You may also add an ad as a favourite so that you may return to view it at a later time. Very useful feature I must say. And you don’t even have to have a login id! Again, this can be good or bad, depending on how you see it.


I suspect that the favourite list will disappear once I clear my browser’s cache, or when the item expires from

After much browsing through the website, I must say that this site has what it takes to take on the bigger and older rivals. Look out, look out, ’cause this new kid on the block could dethrone you as Malaysia top classified website.

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