My Estima is now a full-time petrol guzzler

Posted: 1st May 2015 by Jacky Yong in Cars, Silly me

The inevitable is finally here. The hybrid system is giving me a lot of headaches lately. Right after I bought it until now, I must have ridden on the tow-truck with the Estima Hybrid in tow all the way back to Johor, for at least 3 times! I have really lost count, all I can remember is that the hybrid is giving me so much issues, I get paranoid whenever I see some light on the dashboard, even just a reflection!

The final straw in the hat happened after the CNY. I was on the way back to KL from Johor. Taking the trunk road because I know the highway will be jammed. We were scheduled to go to PD to spend the night. The stupid Estima died on a very quiet road, with nothing but trees and grasses. And the kids are all inside the car! Scenario for the worst nightmare! The stupid Maxis only have voice connection, not data, so I was unable to surf the net or send my exact location to anyone!

Luckily I managed to call Ming. He was stuck in the highway going back to KL too, so he will try the trunk road. He’s ok to help us, but his Accord can only fit some much. Mei Fen and the kids follow Ming to PD, taking only the essentials. I stayed with the car while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Luckily it was only about 2 pm when it happened, and the tow truck came at about 5 pm. I sent the car to the original owner to check the hybrid system.

It was in Johor for about a month, we were contemplating a few options. The most cost effective option would be to let Tan fix it. Cost about RM1000 to RM2000, but there is no guarantee that there wouldn’t be anymore problems with the hybrid in the future. Next was selling it and upgrading to another car, but I would need to fix it first before I can sell it. In fact I was already checking out Carlist on some cool new MPVs. But that’s going to cost a lot of money. The final decision was made because Tan found out what the problem is, and the solution would require me to replace a rare hybrid fuse with a cable. In short, if anything were to happen to the hybrid again, it would burn the hybrid instead of cutting off the fuse. I thought that’s my last card already, I have had enough of driving hybrids. I decided to tow it back to KL and change it to a normal petrol engine. So after staying in the workshop for almost 2 months, the car is now a normal ACR30. Acceleration is pathetic, it drinks fuel, I lost VSC, but at least I gain auto-light!

The cost? Almost RM13,000. So looks like I won’t be changing car anytime soon 🙁