Naughty Yan Yan

Posted: 1st June 2008 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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I hate to admit it, but I have a very naughty little girl. And I’m proud of it! 😀

I’m talking about Yan Yan, the elder mischievous monkey. She started terrorizing the house the moment she is mobile. One of the earliest things she destroyed was the calendar that was hung very low.

She has an affinity towards things soft and cuddly. To be more specific, she likes cottons. Maybe this is inherent in all babies, I don’t know. My mom told me that I loved cottons too when I was small. But one thing I know, my dad always gives her cottons just to quiet her down. It is the one thing that can settle her down more effectively than can Barney.

As the months grow, she grows more and more confident of her legs. She starts jumping around. In fact she starts jumping as early as 12 months, barely after she has just learned to walk! See how confident she was at 18 months, jumping from the bed!

Jumping is not the only use of her sturdy little legs. See how well she climbs now!

I took all these pictures without her mom’s knowledge. If she’s knew, she’d stop her there and then. But I’d not stop her. I wouldn’t say that I’m encouraging her. It’s just that I’d like to see how far she can go. Sort of like taking pictures for National Geographic! 😛 That’s daddy’s little girl!

Head on down to my gallery to see more of her naughty deeds!

Yan Yan and the cottonbuds

Yan Yan the Climber

Yan Yan the Jumper

  1. libelly says:

    wahhhaahhahaha…. i can tell u i laugh nonstop since the 1st picture until i finish the 3 album.

    ah yan yan ah yan yan…. u are extremely naughty oh!!!!

    can i said she is hyperactive ar? kakakaka

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Hyperactive, hyper-naughty! She’s uncontrollable! We are so afraid to look after her. But if she suddenly become quiet, we must immediately go and find her. If she is too quiet, it only means that she has found something else to terrorize! Scary!!

  3. libelly says:

    hahah…. i found her very interesting…. although i dun wish my kid to be hyperactive/hypernaughty