P1 W1Max – Reviewed

Posted: 31st March 2009 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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P1 is here in Seri Kembangan!! The wait is finally over!! Now I can ditch that stupid Streamyx once and for all and switch over to a world of fast surfing! Or is there?

23rd March 2009

I had not intended to get it at first. I had wanted to go to Jusco Equine to have my mom’s glasses fixed. Then I saw the P1 roadshow going on there. Upon inquiry I found out that my home has got coverage! I couldn’t believe my ears at first, I thought the guy was just pulling my leg just to get sales. But at the same time, a young chinese couple were signing up for the service as well, and they stay in the same taman as mine! Good enough for me, I immediately signed up!

The signing up takes less than 2 minutes to fill up the form, get my I/C photocopied, and collecting my modem on the spot! It was a breeze. I understood from their website that my service will be active within 1 hour. So it means that by the time I reach home, theoratically I should be able to surf immediately!

The box comes with the Wimax modem, a normal LAN wire, the power supply for the Wimax modem (no, they do not have the USB modem yet) and the instruction. The instruction was as simple as it gets, connect the modem to the computer or router, connect the power supply, and you’re good to go. (Sorry, in the midst of excitement of setting up the P1 W1max, I forgot to take pictures)

But wait, why aren’t I getting any signals? It should start with blinking red, to denote power on. Then it should go to orange, for connection authentication, and finally to green, for connection confirmation. But I always get the red signal, no matter where I put it, even near the window, both the front and back of the house. Bummer. Perhaps they have not activated my service yet. I’ll wait for tomorrow then.

24th March 2009

A day has passed, and there are still no signal! I’m beginning to get worried. Is there anything wrong? I took the modem back to the guy in Jusco, but he kept telling me that there should be nothing wrong with my location. Perhaps I should call the P1 service, he said. Okay, I’ll do that again. But their line kept on giving me the cold shoulder. I was not able to get any answer from their customer service. This is bad!

Then I tried something different, I stick the modem right onto the window, between the grille. Wait, is that a green light that I see? Yes it is! I got the signal when I do this at the front window that is facing north, but with the modem facing west! I know this sounds weird, but a quick check at the P1 website mentioned that the modem should face west. Problem is, my house is a direct north-south orientation, there is no way that I can get a good signal, unless I move to a semi-D with a side window facing west! πŸ˜›

In the end, I tied the modem to the grille and used the wireless modem to connect to all the computers and laptops in the house. Here’s how the setup looked like:

P1 W1Max modem. You can see my wireless router sticking from behind the box up on the shelf.

P1 W1Max modem. You can see my wireless router sticking from behind the box up on the shelf.

Good, now that I have a confirmed line with P1, how is the speed like? All I can say is, HEAVEN! Never have I surfed for so smoothly and so effortlessly, downloading files (ahem) and streaming movies. Here’s how a download looks like:

Mind boggling downloads!

Mind boggling downloads!

A quick test at SpeedTest.net revealed a constant 1.0 to 1.2 Mbps! Yummy! P1 is definitely going to trump over Streamyx!

Speed is not the only thing that gets my thumbs up for P1. Another thing to note is that you can always check the amount that you have used online! Well, the amount is not exactly up-to-date (you can usually see the latest date as of 1 day ago). But it is useful to check on your quota. As part of its fair-usage policy, P1’s package include a maximum limit that you can use in a month. No, it does not stop you from using beyond the limit, nor does it charge you extra (unlike other broadband providers). It merely throttles your speed down. How much does it throttle? I have no idea, I have yet to reach the limit. Please be mindful though, uploading also counts to your limit!

Also please note that you will be assigned to a fixed IP address. This can be both a good and a bad thing, depends on how you may want to look at it. The Wimax modem is a closed box, we can’t do any tweakings, modifications or firmware updates to it, at least not yet. So for those tinkerers out there who wishes to squeeze some extra performance juice out of the P1: FAT CHANCE! Unless of course, some hacker comes along.

29th March 2009

Tomorrow I am making a definite step to terminate Streamyx! Hooray! I am finally breaking free from the clutches of monopolism by TMNet and moving to support the free and open market!

But the unexpected happened. P1’s service came crashing down! I couldn’t get a green light, no matter how many times I restarted the modem. This is bad, I can’t even call P1’s customer service, since they operate from 8 am to 11 pm everyday. It’s already midnight, and I can’t get an answer. If I proceed to terminate Streamyx, I will have to get stuck with P1 for 24 months! And pay RM99 every month for this intermittent service. Besides, I have heard of many initial users who suffers broken connections at nights, and gradually deteriorating speeds every week! I have to think fast.

30th March 2009

What began as a trip to the nearest TM Point to terminate Streamyx ended up as a trip to the P1 P@ddock in Jalan Templer to terminate P1! I know this decision sounds drastic. (Come on, just one disconnection and you’re terminating already?) But I am just taking precautionary measures, just to be safe. The broadband service here in Malaysia is in turmoil. There are a lot of new players coming into the picture lately in the pass year. And I can guarantee that the coming 12 months will see more liberation of more broadband services, and much cheaper rates by current players. Tying myself for 24 months seems too long in this fast changing world. And besides, P1 gave me only 15 days of grace period, after which you will automatically be signed up for the service. Had they given me a longer period, I would have easily dismissed their disconnection and continued to monitor its performance a few more days. Since I do not have much time before the 15-days grace period, I have decided to just let it go.

Talking about my experience returning back the modem to them, I only return the modem and the power supply unit. I have misplaced the box, along with the LAN cable inside, but guess what? They chose to charge me RM6 for that stupid LAN cable!! I gave them that look when they told me that, and I asked them again for clarification, but they were adamant about me paying RM6 for the damn cable. I mean, come on, it’s not about the bloody RM6, but why do you need to charge your customer for just a fucking LAN cable? It’s not like I wanna steal your cable, I have loads of cables at home! Fuck them. I didn’t wanna argue with them. So I’ll just defame P1’s name in my blog! πŸ˜› *nyeh nyeh nyeh!*

So there you have it. I am back to my lousy old 512 kbps with Streamyx, chugging along at speeds only a sloth can be proud of. Yeah, Streamyx also disconnects sometimes, but at least once I restarted the modem, I can surf normally again. It may take a few restarts (like a thunderstorm) but it will be back to normal eventually. Not with the P1. When it’s down, it’s down. *sigh* now where is that Celcom, Digi, Maxis or Jaring broadband when I need them?

Edit 2 April 2009: In retrospect, I wonder if I did the right thing by returning the P1 modem. Yesterday was a very bad day for Streamyx. It keeps getting disconnected, and I had to restart the shit every 2 minutes or so! On days like these, I really miss the P1’s speed and stability (when it is connected of course). Damn you Streamyx! When the time is right, and P1 has grown more stable, I will most probably dump Streamyx again in favour of P1.

  1. Lau Chin Yun says:

    If your streamyx keeps disconnected, have you ever think of the problems persist from ur modem?

    Last time I keep cursing streamyx for that disconnection, but lastly I found out that it’s the problem with my modem. After changing to a new Wireless Router, the problem never exists that much anymore (from restarting every 2 minutes to once a day).

    Well, I’ve just subscribed to P1 W1MAX just now at 11:30am. Haven’t tried it yet cause I’m working now and sadly, my Club has no coverage for it. Have to get back to Taman Sri Sinar and try it out.

    Well, anyway, I hate streamyx alot. I only get 50kbps tops in Serdang area. B ut when i get back to my hometown in Raub, Pahang, i can get 120kbps. It’s like paying the same price (My brother’s house and my mother’s house in Raub using the same 1mbps streamyx connection).

    Another alternative is using Celcom Broadband. Maxis sucks like snails nowadays thanks to its very very commercialized ads.

    Cheers from me dude. πŸ˜‰

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Agreed that Maxis sucks. I’ve had a Maxis wireless broadband once but immediately returned it the next day. The speed is just horrible! Never tried Celcom but I’ve got friends who are surfing blissfully on their Celcoms.

    Yes, the disconnection might be from the modem. I have long suspected it since the modem is rather old. I do not have another modem to test this theory. Will definitely get a new one when I have the money. πŸ™ For now, I’ll just have to suffer along….

    Ohh, by the way, you will love your P1. The speed is really good. Other than the occasional disconnection, I would still highly recommend it anytime!

  3. personal says:

    shit… lucky you.. my P1 W1max like peice of crap… slow connection…. worse than maxi$ broadband

  4. anon says:

    yep .. P1 is piece of crap .. but Im stuck wit it for 2 years .. sux

  5. mars ho says:

    p1 suffers from monthly “service” network outage. the technology is unstable – radio waves-lah – cannot play online games. you’d better have a fixed line… from what i’ve heard there would be new companies offering better bandwidth very soon. be prepared to switch ISP!

  6. LIM says:

    P1 just good when i just registered for few months…after thet is getting worse…even not sharing line the maximum download speed just about 0.4mbps while my package is 1.2mbps..

  7. Jacky Yong says:

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) I will have to agree totally with you. Nowadays P1 sucks big time, it will lose connection although the light is steady green or amber! I will have to restart the damn modem every once in a while. I would like to use YES, or Unifi, but cost-wise P1 is still the only one affordable to me ….. πŸ™