Quitting DSLR

Posted: 25th January 2015 by Jacky Yong in Photography
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Yup, you heard me right. I’m quitting big chunky DSLRs. I sold off all my Canons. My last lens, the EF-S 17-55 was sold off on 22nd January. I hope all my cameras and lenses find new uses under their new masters.

But I’m not quitting photography. In fact on the contrary, I hope I will be going all out taking more photos this year, now that I have sworn that I will never take any weddings or events for money anymore. Taking photos for money feels very restrictive, I feel I am limiting my creativity.

I have just sold off my old X-E1, and bought an X-T1 to replace it. Very soon I will be getting all my gears in Fuji. Yes, I am going mirrorless! It certainly is a very bold move, coming from a DSLR. But mirrorless has come a long way since the days of micro-four thirds. Its quality is now comparable with DSLRs. I am also quite satisfied that focusing speed is on par, and some even better than big DSLRs! I personally feel that Canon and Nikon, with its baggage in its heritage lenses, flashes and other accessories, will fall far behind if it chooses not to go the path of mirrorless. You know what they say, “the bigger you are, the harder you’ll fall”.

The world is joining the mirrorless revolution. Isn’t it time you do too?