The Kid from Big Apple – Major Tear Jerker

Posted: 18th March 2016 by Jacky Yong in Movies and TV Shows
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I am not afraid to announce that yes, I cried watching the movie “The Kid from Big Apple”, several times! The movie is a real tear-jerker, even for big grown up men like myself. I’m pretty sure that by the end of the movie, there were not a single dry eye in the cinema hall that night.

The movie was actually a last-minute decision. Mei Fen suddenly decided to watch it on Thursday evening, even though we have already watched Kung Fu Panda 3 on Wednesday night! I have sworn not to take the kids to the cinemas anymore because Yan Yan is really good at throwing tantrums. But the queen has spoken, and it was more of her type of movie, not mine.

We went to Subang Summit, because all other cinemas were already full. The movie began simple enough, a mother decided to drop her daughter at her father’s place. Except that the mother has not seen her father for 12 years and she borne her child overseas alone. The problem with all youngsters nowadays is how stubborn they are when moved out of their comfort-zone and into a totally strange place. And this young westernised girl, Sarah Lin (played by a very talented Sarah Tan), speaks only English. With the very traditional minded grandfather providing for her needs, this young girl had no choice but to warm up to him.

Grandpa bringing the kids to have fun - Picture from The Star

Grandpa bringing the kids to have fun – Picture from The Star

I didn’t know that Jessica Hester Hsuan , a very famous Hong Kong actress 20 years ago, was the mother, and I certainly didn’t know that Ti Lung was the strict grandfather until after I got back home and Googled more about the movie. I had my doubts initially about casting a non-Malaysian as Malaysian (Hsuan speaks very thick Hong Kong-ese Cantonese, very different from Malaysian Cantonese, and her English sounds more British than American). But Ti Lung played a very convincing grandfather, a very Malaysian grandfather too! It is indeed a breath of fresh-air to see him in a non-fighting role, although he did become Sarah’s hero in the movie.

The movie was told from the perspective of little Sarah, so it is only natural that there are a lot of kids in this movie. One particularly outstanding actor beside Sarah was Jayson Tan who plays Jia Bao, Sarah’s friend. His convincing acting was also a contributor to one of the tear-jerker moment in the movie.

The movie was shot in Malaysia. According to sources, the apartment where the movie was shot was in Taman Yulek. I have yet to find the exact apartment in Google Map, but the place do look good on the silver screen. (The location where it was shot was here) Here’s proof again that, if the movie is good, no matter where the movie is shot, it is still good. I never imagined that a typical Malaysian low cost flat would look this good!

Comparing to my previous movies Ola Bola, I’d say this movie is right up there! I have a feeling this new director Jess Teong may have more good movies in the future. Watch out for more of her movies!