A day in the life of a tuition teacher

Posted: 29th June 2010 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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6:30 am : She woke up, the kids and I are still asleep. Washed the cloths, 4 pails of them! I am not working today, so sleeps until quite late. Normally I do the washing.

7:00 am : I’m still not yet awake, so she kicked me up. I promised to go see how her typical day would look like.

7:34 am : Barely makes it out from Bandar Putra Permai. There is a terrible jam near the construction site where they are still building Giant. But then again, it is always jammed at the damn Serdang Interchange, with or without the Giant.

7:50 am : Still in MRR2, despite going rather hastily against the rest of the traffic. Suddenly realize she forgot to bring Kit Yan’s Twinkle Star uniform.

8:07 am : Arrived in Tadika Mutiara. Assembly already started, and Kit Yan had to endure the embarrassment of coming in late. Braved the dreaded traffic again to go to Pandan Indah, barely 5 km away, but feels like 50 km.

8:22 am : Arrived in Pandan Indah, had a quick breakfast, prepared everything for a tuition class at 9 am.

9:00 am till 10:50 am : TUITION!!

10:50 am : Drove back to pick up Kit Yan who is due to end at 11 am. Checked with the teacher which homework she has to do to pick up on her missing days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Drove all the way to Ampang to buy lunch packs. Cheapest lunch pack around.

11:54 am : Force Kit Yan to take a bath. Something is very wrong with the electrical system at the centre, called the electricians but they just refuse to come! Now the main receptionist area is without proper air-cond. Make the kids gobble up their food.

12:30 pm : Dropped Kit Yan at her nursery in Tadika Twinkle Star, proceed to drop off another kid. Had to use short cuts in the afternoon rush hour. She told me I was lucky, the weather is not so hot. I can’t imagine a much warmer afternoon than this! GULP!

12:35 pm : The kid did not finish his homework! He better finish it in the car before he reaches school. She had to teach AND drive at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking!

12:52 pm : Dropped him off at the school compound. I find the traffic rather messy, but she assured me, I ain’t seen nothing yet! And she was right, as I would soon find out. Had to park haphazardly by the roadside to wait for the other kid.

1:05 pm : Got the kid, now to the next school to pick up another one by the 九王爺 area. THAT IS A NIGHTMARE! The roads are small, the school buses squeeze through the tiny lanes! Picked up 3 more kids.

1:24 pm : Arrived at the centre, straight away got another class at 1:30 pm. Another teacher was on Annual Leave, so the centre had more students than teachers! Parents and students thronged the centre constantly for inquiries!

3:10 pm : Luckily the electrician finally shows up! Briefed him on what are the problems and he got on his way.

3:50 pm : Time to pick up Kit Yan. She seem so happy to see me! Good that the nursery confirmed my identity before I pick her up.

4:15 pm : I forced Kit Yan to open her books. I flipped through her books and see which homework needs to be done. While I was teaching her, some other students approached me! They thought I am a teacher too and started bombarding questions at me! At first I just helped whenever I can, but later I suddenly became a teacher too! * Sigh * The centre was too deprived of teacher at that time, despite another 2 more teachers already turned up.

4:30 to 6:30 pm : The peak of activity! Boys shouting, running around. One refused to eat his lunch, yes at 5 pm! Lucky the air-cond came online, but there are still things the electrician needs to do. Parents called to pick up their kids too, so more people coming in and out!

7:00 pm : Things died down. The last teacher and student left. Kit Yan was already very tired. Waited till the electrician finishes.

8:00 pm : Turned off everything and locked the door. Went to meet an old friend Jacqualine in Mines. Kit Yan was so excited to see her.

9:50 pm : Left Mines, dropped Jacqualine at her home, and went home. As we approached Bandar Putra Permai, Kit Yan was already unconscious.

  1. cfootpor says:

    Cikgu cikgu, when are u going to officially change your cikgu profession to something else?