My nightmare begins

Posted: 4th July 2010 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs, Silly me
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I have been warned for many many times before this. I have already prepared myself mentally to begin to accept this inevitable consequences.

You see, I have now changed job, since 1st July. I am no longer working in Cyberjaya, and I loved the place! (The town, NOT the workplace) Now my new company is located in Midvalley. I have been pondering for a very very long time whether or not to work at that place. Transportation was, and IS, the only obstacle that repels me away. I have tried to wear a positive mindset, but that obviously did not work.

My first day there started rather well. Mei Fen dropped me off at the KTM Kommuter station in Serdang. opposite the Mines early in the morning at about 7:50 am. I bought the RM60 monthly return pass, and in no time I was in the train. It was still good, there was no pushing or shoving, everyone was very civilized. I can still breathe, I can feel a slight cool breeze coming from the air-cond vent. This isn’t so bad after all.

My new colleague who also happen to stay in Serdang and takes the KTM to work everyday told me that the morning commute is still bearable, it’s the evening trip back to Serdang that I should watch out for.

And boy was he right. On my first day evening back home, there were a lot more people standing at Platform 2 waiting for the train compared to the morning trip. Where did all the people come from? It was stuffy as hell, I had to hold my breath for 20 full minutes of pure agony before the train stopped in Serdang.

I still have not found the optimum time to leave the office. Yesterday, the second day of work, the trip back was even more horrendous! I was standing in what seems like hundreds and hundreds of people on the platform. Even that did not even begin to describe what a horrible experience that I was about to go through for the next 25 minutes!

The first thing that sends a cold shiver down my spine was the announcement on the PA system, “Tren seterusnya akan sampai pada pukul 7:06 minit malam. Tren ini amat sesak”. * Gulp, did I hear that correctly? I have never hear any announcement of that nature before. Could it be that my ears are playing tricks on me? “The next train that comes at 7:06 pm is very VERY congested” Oh no, he is even stressing the word VERY! This can’t be good, I mumbled under my breath. I better enjoy the stuffy air on the platform while I still can!

In about 2 minutes, the train screeched to a stop on the platform. I can hear the groans of the other passengers on the platform on seeing the sardine-packed coach. Shit, how am I gonna go inside the train? I was about to give up hope. If I can’t go in this one, I’ll just wait for the next train, I naively thought to myself. The door opened, about a dozen people squeezed their way through us, and before the last passenger alighted from the door, a sudden force gushed from behind our backs! Turning back to wait for the next train was not even an option. So there I was involuntarily shoved into the train. There was no time for you to think, you could only try to maintain balance not to trip over and get squashed by the stampede. The train door closed, much to the dismay of hundreds of others still trapped on the outside. They should count their blessing, I thought. Being on the inside of the train is actually the wrong side of the train!

The train slowly jerked forward. Unlike my morning trips, I had no need to hold on to any hand rails. My handrails are the many sweaty bodies around me. Smelly men, helpless young ladies, old aunties, the poor Malay girl. These are all the total strangers whom I had to privilege to exchange my bodily fluids with, through our skins. The old auntie behind me complained that something hard is pushing against her shoulder, and her friend asked her to push me back. How rude! It’s like, do I have a fucking choice? My laptop is inside my bag, and does it look like I have a huge empty space right in front of me, and that I am only pushing you just for the sake of it? These old aunties can be so damn inconsiderate! Don’t let me see you again, I’ll push you even more, and this time not only with my bag!

The air inside! Ohhhh ….. *stuffy* don’t even begin to describe the suffocating crush inside. The stale air burns our throats and  lungs. There was a portion of the trip when the train will stop function for a short duration. It always happen between Salak Selatan and Bandar Tasik Selatan. During that outage, the air-cond would also stop function. On that fateful day when the air-cond stopped, instead of feeling worst, I did not feel anything. The air is already bad even with the air-cond, so turning off the air-cond does nothing to make any difference. They might as well save a bit of electricity and turn off the air-cond straight!

People come and go at the stations, but there are still a lot of people in the train. I saw a dude who closed his eyes, beads of sweat rolling down his cheek and nose. He has the expression of pain in his face. There was also another mother who brought his young boy along with him. As soon as the door closes behind them, the boy immediately cried. Can’t blame him, I would have cried too myself!

Gosh I wish it was just a nightmare, and I will wake up as soon as I blinked my eyes. I blinked, but I am still here in the train. Oh no, this is for real! And I will have to endure this for the entire duration of my tenure in Midvalley! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  1. aloy says:

    Get yourself a motorbike la jacky. Faster, easier and better…lol

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Hahaha … u have a good point aloy ….. motorbike will definitely be faster, and cheaper than taking car too. Sure no jam wan. There is only one minor problem ….. i dun have a motor license! * paiseh paiseh * :”>