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My nightmare begins

Posted: 4th July 2010 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs, Silly me
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I have been warned for many many times before this. I have already prepared myself mentally to begin to accept this inevitable consequences. You see, I have now changed job, since 1st July. I am no longer working in Cyberjaya, and I loved the place! (The town, NOT the workplace) Now my new company is […]

Rainy days in KL

Posted: 29th June 2009 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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The sky is grumbling, and the clouds are threatening to release its contents upon earth, reducing us mere mortals to a big mess of traffic jam soon. The sun is still shining angrily upon the vast buildings of concrete around me, but soon it will be no more. The time is 4:26 pm. The view […]