About Drupal themes and the letter J

Posted: 8th November 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers

I didn’t know the letter J would eventually made me spend the better half of my Deepavali holiday fussing over it. Yeah, for those who has been following my website from its first inception until now, you would have noticed quite a number of theme change. The first theme that I chose Ubiquity, didn’t quite cut it. Colours were somewhat too sharp, to put it lightly.

The second theme I chose was the Sky theme, which stuck for quite some time, probably because I had not the time to change it to a better theme.

This theme, the Alex 2.0 theme, strike me as simple and pleasing to the eyes. It is a theme created by the SEO Position guys, whoever they are. But I absolutely love it! Kudos to you guys for a job well done!

What about the letter J then? The logo of course! I spent hours scouring the internet for the best ways to bring to life that letter that has been swimming in my mind, but has never got the chance to materialize, until now. Here are some of the sites that I refer to:

This particular icon will be my copyright, and I shall use this in all my future forums as my avatar. I like it! 😉