Posted: 12th April 2007 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Current Affairs, Silly me

Is this the end of the road for our trusted friend, the Windows XP? Is ol’ Bill so cruel as to cut the line for our beloved operating system once and for all? What used to be “X-perience”, could well be “aXed-Project”.
Does it affect me? To a certain extend, yes. I still run XP under virtualization in Ubuntu. Should Micro$oft decides to discontinue support and patches for XP, I can always restart the virtual XP from a clean state whenever I encounter glitches. No big deal.
Ubuntu has a shorter life-span (18 months) than Windows (XP lived an amazing 5 years before the Vista came out, considered very old in the fast-paced world of software). But this is a blessing, trust me. It only means that a new operating system is born every few years. The latest Ubuntu re-incarnation, the Feisty Fawn is due on 19th April. Can’t wait to download it! (Yes, Micro-Softies may not be familiar with the mode of operation in Linux world. We download EVERYTHING without guilt. =)