Bukit Tinggi 2005

Posted: 23rd January 2005 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

Date, 8th January 2005. Place, RHB Centre. Time, very early in the morning. We were preparing to go to Colmar Tropical, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang for our annual company trip.

We took off on time. However our trip was not all that smooth sailing. Our bus got caught for a traffic offence. I think it was because the bus driver was cruising at the middle lane when buses are not allowed in that lane. Anyway we arrived in the Rabbit Garden without much hiccups after that. There were a lot of cuddly wuddly bunnies everywhere and they are free to roam out in the open! The girls just love them!

Finally arrived to Colmar Tropical. It was a lovely place with very dreamy looking castle and villages. It was as if we were in a foreign country!

Our first destination was the Japanese Village. It was starting to rain cats and dogs.

Errr…. more like raining cats only. Anyway, despite the rain, we still went up the hill to see how beautiful it was. And we were not disappointed at all!

The place was very cosy, and the Japanese feel was very authentic. We loved it!

The meat of it all, the French Village.

We couldn’t help taking pictures of every corner of the place. So “suaku” 😛

The dinner itself was interesting. The theme was “Singing 60’s”.

In addition to the 60’s theme custom that we were required to wear, there was this group performance that each group are required to do. Jayce’s team won the best performance! Her team’s performance is about a really ugly girl who was transformed into a beautiful princess, goes to a ball and fell in love with a handsome prince. You can now imagine what the ending like. Let’s just say that the ending is not that happy.

The very next day I slept till very late, and totally missed the Telematch. It was intentional, I really was hoping to skip the Telematch anyway. To me, sleep is much more important.

After much fooling around, taking pictures here and there, we were ready once more to go back to KL. We had lunch there before we go back. The crawl back to KL was long, due to the bad traffic jam that we encountered towards the toll in Karak Highway. We had a great time, and I was really hoping forward to the next trip!

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