Posted: 12th August 2005 by Jacky Yong in Movies and TV Shows
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Has anyone seen the movie? Not to sound too exaggerating, I’d rate it as the best HK movie I’ve seen this year. In fact all 3 HK movies that I’ve seen this year are good, the previous ones being the two Andy Lau films ( I forgot their names, appreciate if anyone could refresh my memory). But this is a darn special movie, truly a different tone to the previous two. Great artistic touch, good cinematography, excellent fight moves! It totally redefines the term macho-ism, but I must say that the story of the movie is a bit too predictable. The big bad boss always has a great sidekick, and he (the sidekick) always losses before the big fight between the big boss and the good guy. That aside, I’d recommend u to go watch it. I might even give that sissy Jacky Cheung’s musical a miss. And trust me, I am a big fan of Jacky Cheung!