Car review – Honda Accord 2005

Posted: 23rd February 2008 by Jacky Yong in Cars

I know, I know. The car is a bit old history already, but you’ve got to admit it. It’s one hot baby! I have always admired the car because of its outlook, of its masculine stature. Truly a man’s car for a powerful drive around the winding roads out of the city. And I only got the chance to drive it only recently. The car belongs to my brother-in-law’s brother. We were discussing about cars and he mentioned how good it feels like to be driving the Accord. He made a surprising gesture when he said that he will let me drive it since his brother was sleeping. Hehehe!


It’s one amazing machine, don’t you think so? It already looks fast standing still. Sitting behind the wheel is another totally amazing experience altogether. You immediately feel the commanding view of the wind screen so far away from your face, unlike my small Iswara. The side passenger seems so far away to my left, the car is so wide!

POWERFUL! I have never driven a vehicle of this class before. I have ridden on a Perdana, and an old 96 Accord, but both as passengers. The experience with this Accord was really an eye-opener. I did not have the chance to try the cornering stability, but I was somewhat a little disappointed at the ride. For a car of such a size, I was expecting a much smoother and comfortable ride, having driven a Toyota Altis before. Sadly, the Altis outperforms this Accord in this aspect. It is not just my opinion, my wife who has ridden on both cars as passengers also testifies to this fact.

So as a conclusion : if you are looking for performance in macho package, look no further than the Accord. But if you are after comfort and family safety, the Accord might not score so well.