A Chinese New Year full of cars!

Posted: 23rd February 2008 by Jacky Yong in Cars

Why do I say that? That’s because I have test driven 3 different cars on the first day of Chinese New Year itself! My sister’s hubby’s Proton Saga came in on the Eve of Chinese New Year, and they came to our house on the first day of Chinese New Year in the morning. He gladly lend me his car key for a spin, and I was pleasantly impressed by the car. I have full confidence that it will become the best selling car this year, if not for more years to come. Truly a people’s car! And the Saga legacy lives on.

The second car is also by my brother-in-law, specifically my wife’s sister’s husband. We went back to Sagil for the Chinese New Year holiday immediately after my test drive of the Saga, and we immediately went discussing about his new car, the Nissan’s Grand Livina. A very grand vehicle indeed, and for a vehicle this big, the engine performs surprisingly powerfully, only to be marred by the sub-standard interior and small cabin space.

The final car came from the Accord, no, not the 2008 Accord. The 2005 model, with the original facelift. A great performer with the killer looks to match, but a little disappointing in terms of comfort if you ask me.

So what does this all mean? That my 10-year-old Iswara is going to be sold? I don’t know, I can’t tell. But as for now, the Iswara is still serving me well. Touch wood …..