A better tomorrow?

Posted: 10th March 2008 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs

Now that the dust has settled in Boleh-land, we can look forward a lot of changes in the coming months. I am not surprised at the result of the recent General Election. The BN, particularly the MCA, has been arrogant for way too long.

From the start, the election was not a clean process. The Opposition are not allowed too much freedom in conveying their rights of speech and expression. Look at the loads of primetime advertisement that you see on TV’s, signboards and radios everywhere. All were proudly displaying the merits of voting for BN. Come on, the rakyat is not stupid. By only allowing BN this media advantage, the people can see that the opposition is being suppressed. Also, these advertisement cost money, money from us, the taxpayers, money that could otherwise be spent on the people, not to waste more money on useless tv spots. I have also heard of news that the opposition were even denied rights to hold a public speech, while the BN can freely hold their speech anywhere and anytime they want. With the age of the internet and mass SMS, nothing can stop the people from knowing the truth.

I must admit, I did not exercise my rights to vote. I had to accompany my wife back to Johor for her monthly checkup. Note to self : I must remember to change my address to Seri Kembangan. I can’t afford to drive all the way back to Kampar to drop that vote into the ballot box!

I can’t be more glad that the power of people’s democracy has prevailed. Those goons in SPR did not do any hanky-panky to play with the votes. Although in reality, it may have. I heard rumours that Pak Lah lost, but some phantom voters appeared out of nowhere and brought his numbers back up. And you know Malaysia’s best-selling English newspaper? Everyone knows that MCA owns it. All its reports are tainted with biased reports against the opposition. The night of the vote-counting, TheStar’s website frooze at BN winning at 12 votes. The first news that Penang was gained by DAP was first heard in a Singapore’s news website! I also heard how the people of Rembau voted against the infamous Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law-cum-consultant for Badawi. He lost by merely 80+ votes, but on recount, he won by a majority win of over 5000 votes! Phantom voters at work again? These news were told by the good people of Negeri Sembilan, so I am quite sure of my sources. Again, these are all rumours, DO NOT QUOTE ME!

Does it affect me? Hell yeah it does! I couldn’t be more glad that BN lost its 2/3 majority stake in the parliament. It’s not just a matter of the Opposition winning, what matters is that BN lost! Now they wouldn’t be so aloof within their comfort-zone. They have been slacking for way too long. I am only too glad that Klang’s MP Zakaria and Selangor’s MB Khir Toyo gets the boot. I’m sure you guys have heard of the grand castle that the stupid Klang assemblyman built for himself without permit. And what did the State or Federal Government do? They did not even lift a finger to tell him off or make any public statement to denounce him in UMNO. They even re-elected him and his daughter-in-law councilors! What is this, some kind of Victorian Monarchy system? Reading about his mischievous ways only makes my blood boil! >:(

Pak Lah has promised to clean the government of all sorts of money politics and corruptions, but we have yet to see any changes. Even his stupid son-in-law Khairy is still malpractising his deeds. Remember that loan that Pak Lah said the government will distribute to non-Bumiputras? Guess what? If you want it, you must give 30% if it to Khairy. This is happening, I know, I have chinese friends who have applied for it. Whether or not he got it is another matter.

The Serdang’s MP Datuk Yap Pian Hon cannot do his job. It’s very obvious. The Serdang crawl is still there, the stupid wet-market by the road is still slowing down traffic, and there has been more crime in Serdang. Remember the infamous Public Bank loot where the burglars drilled a hole on top of the bank to get to the vault? Well, the bank is located directly beneath the MCA’s office! And what has that moustache guy did? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The burglars are still at large enjoying their loot, and perhaps planning another heist. The Putrajaya-KL highway, did he do anything to open it to the people here? NOTHING! The highway sticks out like a sore reminder to all Serdang users, denying us the rights to use it, no matter how jammed-packed the roads are. Resurfacing the road in Taman Universiti does absolutely nothing to help you, Yap Pian Hon! You’re a lazy bad-ass mutherfakker and you should get your ass whipped! (He has resigned from the 2008 General Election race and replaced by fellow MCA member Datuk Liew Yuen Keong)

All is not a bed of roses. Now that the opposition has gained footings into Selangor, they must prove to me that they deserve their place. I do not expect overnight changes, with BN still ruling the Federal Government. However at least I can hope for a change for the better….

  1. Jia Jack says:

    Gosh… Datuk Zakaria passed away this morning… may he rest in peace…

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Yeah, I was quite shocked that he died this way. The arms of the law did not reach him in time to dispense justice upon him. Maybe God will judge him better!