Go GERMANY! Wooohhhhh!

Posted: 14th July 2014 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs, Silly me

I’m not a big football fan, I have to admit it. But the World Cup is too big to miss. I try to watch at least the finals whenever possible.

Today was the finals, Germany against Argentina, after the German boys defeated the home ground Brazilians in a humiliating 7-1 defeat.

When I opened the TV to watch it, the score was 0-0. I remembered thinking, “Aw man, penalty time”. That was at the 111th minute, and I haven’t even got time to determine which team is wearing which jersey colour. Less than 10 seconds later, somebody scored a goal, and I thought so fast? Is this live or is this just a highlight? For a minute I even thought that it was the Argentinian who scored. Then I saw that the Germans were wearing white, and they scored a single goal, and it was live! Only 10 minutes to go, including injury time before the referee blow the winning whistle. And then it was finalized, the Germans hold the World Cup again!

Now that the Germans are celebrating, can we expect to see a special cheaper price on Mercedes-Benz or BMW today? #wishfulthinking 😛