Goodbye old friend!

Posted: 26th November 2006 by Jacky Yong in Photography, Silly me

As of 23rd November 2006, I had to make a decision with a heavy heart. To retire my good old friend, the Canon A70 that I have bought for myself more than 3 years ago. It has served me well indeed. We have traveled to a lot of places together, helping me to capture the many different facets of my life.


It has been through a lot of bumps and knocks. In fact it has broken down 3 times! Having fixed it twice, the third time proved to much for its master. The last photo was taken during my sister’s wedding exactly 2 months earlier, on 23rd September 2006.


I will be running a memorial service soon, not to remember its death, but rather, to commemorate the life of my good friend. A few of its most brilliant works will be on display here. Check back again soon.