I am now a middle-aged man

Posted: 15th August 2012 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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*Sigh* ….. I am now an old fart. If I lived up to 70 years old, I am now already in my wid-way point. This qualifies me to be categorized as middle-aged. That means that I am no longer a young adult. And my health insurance premium just got higher. Thus are the “perks” that comes with old age.

What have I accomplished in my 35 years of living? I am proud of a few things, but I am most proud to be a daddy for 3 beautiful daughters. A big thank you to my lovely wife for making this possible. Although I don’t say it, I really appreciate what she did all these years. What else? Errmmmm ……. everything else is just materialistic value. So yeah, happy birthday to me, and thanks to all who have wished me.

P/S : I don’t have my wifi modem with me at work today, so I can’t really check who has sent me a birthday wish on my Facebook. I will have to see how many notifications I get when I get back tonight.