How to combine and unlock Garmin maps

Posted: 18th September 2012 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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I have decided to make this a separate post because a lot of people are really blur. I will have to really hold their hands and guide them one step at a time. So here is a post specifically on how to combine two Garmin maps with the extension .img files. There are several reasons why you would want to do that. The majority does that because their Garmin device only support one map. What happens if I were to bring my Garmin with me to travel to other countries? I can’t load two maps in a device, so I combine them. Another reason is to remove a lock on certain maps. This post will talk about how to do them both.

In this example, I am going to combine a map from the iPhone’s app with a map from Malsingmap. These two files should be in *.img format. Put your two img files into one location for easier access. Example C:\.

Fire up GMapTool. Click on “Add Files” and click to select your files. Make sure you have something like this:

In the “Join” tab, key in three very important info:

If you can’t find your output file, the “Output file” is where you should start looking. * duhh … * if you encounter “activation requires internet connection” or whatever shit, please check that you have checked “Remove unlock codes”. And if you can’t find your map in your Garmin device, please fill in a name in your “Mapset name”. For the sake of experiment, I shall name my map “Lollipop”

This section below is for those who wants to upload into their iDevice:

Make sure your “Output file” name is nothing but “gmap3d.img” and only “gmap3d.img”. Using iFunbox again, copy the file back into the same location where you extracted your original file. I would suggest that you delete your original “gmap3d.img” file in your iDevice before you copy this new file over.

Open Garmin in your iDevice. Go to Settings – myMaps. Note that your map is identified with the “Mapset name” that you have specified earlier, in my case, it’s Lollipop. Make sure it is turned on.


  1. Buragas says:

    i got ‘none found’ display after copying custom mapset

  2. ahneh says:

    i got ‘none found’ displayed after copying custom mapset too.

  3. Fad says:

    Hi there,

    I got GARMIN SG to work last time with my iPad 2,iOS 5.1. But I did the upgrade to iOS 6.12 and jailbroken it yesterday, without backing up anything.
    So I did a clean install with a cracked Garmin SG ipa v2.01 and did the whole hosts file editing and map again.
    However, the joined map somehow refuse to show up at the ‘MyMaps’ page. None Found.
    I did the rename correctly.
    Wondering if its not compatible yet with iOS6.x?

  4. Jacky Yong says:

    Not sure about that issue, I have an iPad 1, and the latest iOS for iPad 1 is only up to 5.1.1. Garmin 2.01 works flawlessly on that. I also have an iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1 which I install Garmin 2.01 also, and it works there too. Sorry can’t really help you. Anybody else can help Fad on that?

  5. Yong says:

    Have install Garmin SG/My map on my iphone 5 ios 6.1.1 it works. Thx very much

  6. darek says:

    I have a problem with garmin 2.4.
    Different location maps and not working this trick.


  7. Hafiz says:

    Anyone have the garmin sg/mlysia v2.4 ??
    Please give me the download link

  8. achap says:

    hello jacky i still get none found in my maps. i did follow exactly the steps. this is my maps that i’ve downloaded. MSM 2013 NT v6.21. garmin works fine but none found in my maps. i use iphone 4 ios 6.1.2 garmin sg/my version 2.01. my original gmap3d.img size is 62M. hope u can help.

  9. achap says:

    and when i join i got this warning.
    Warning: repeated map ID number.

  10. achap says:

    okay i got it done. for those who haven’t get it done yet, try to follow this step.
    1. install apps and do the authentication part.
    2. then disconnect your phone from internet.
    3. open up garmin until it says maps activation requires internet.
    4. exit garmin and kill it from your background.
    5. use gmaptool and combine your maps just like the step of combining the maps.
    6. use ifunbox and simply just copy from pc the custom gmap3d.img.
    7. then delete the other unnecessary and unused img file.
    8. reboot your phone and open up garmin. and there you go enjoy your garmin.

  11. Sapek says:

    sorry again,

    i guess the problem i cant find the output file after joining them together. plz plz help me

  12. Choongster says:

    I still getting “none found” too.. 🙁