I hate ducks!

Posted: 19th July 2007 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

I’ve never had a liking for their meat ever since I was a child. A recent family reunion fired up previous memories of this hatred, that I felt that I should share it out!

It was my brother who reminded me of this story. We stayed in Kampar since I was in Standard 1 or 2, I can’t remember. That was like 1985. Our paternal grandmother stays all the way in Mambang Diawan, about 45 minutes of bus journey, so she seldom sees us. My elder brother and I were her favourite grandsons. One fine day she came to visit us. She brought along food for us, and yes, you’ve guessed it: ROASTED DUCK THIGHS!! YUCK!!!

Thinking back, I really can’t blame her. In the olden days, ducks were a rarity, and they were considered luxurious food. But both my brother and I despised it! Granny handed over the ducks and we took it in our hands. I looked at my brother, and he looked at me. We had one look in our faces, and that’s gross! Since Granny was still around, we took a bite, just to “give face”. The meat was soooooo plasticky and hard, we couldn’t manage to even chew the damn bird properly. It seems like rubber to us.

Finally Granny moved away, she went to talk to our parents. Without hesitating we thought of a place to properly dispose of the duck. We couldn’t just put it in the kitchen, she’ll think we don’t like it. Ahh …. the rubbish chute! We opened the chute, chucked the unfinished meat, along with the half-chewed piece in our mouths, and away it flew!

When Granny finally came back, a few minutes later, she was quite surprised. “You two finished eating the duck already? That was fast!” My brother and I could only afford a stupid grin on our silly faces! =D