I am so ashamed of my own country lately. Those who have been noticing the advertisement on our local TV channel should have seen this awful song:

I mean, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?? A song about how we should flush our toilet? Has it really come to this? This is the absolute worse patriotic song ever written for Malaysian prime time TV. (Dude, it’s played during the 8 pm prime time before the news!) Whatever happened to good old patriotic songs like Sudirman’s “Tanggal 31 Ogos” and “Perajurit Tanah Air” which were good songs, songs that I can still hum and sing to more than 20 years after I first heard them.

Another point of argument is the absolute junk that this song is, IF you can call it a song. Listen to it! The song is all in monotonous rant, one single note, totally mindless! Whoever wrote, sung, and approved this song to go on air must have the musical talent equivalent of a dung beetle.

Please Malaysia, wake up. You’re already 50 years old and you still eat crap for breakfast! Wake up dude!

Edit: This post has been edited to fix that layout problem with the embedded Youtube video, thanks to Ying Ying who helped me with that! Thanks a lot girl! Will write another post later on how exactly to fix that later.

  1. Ikhwan says:

    The song is just a reaction to the real problem, which is stupid people who didnt flush. If everybody aims properly and pull that little lever every time they finish doing it in public toilets, that stupid song wouldn’t even exist.

    Come on people, be considerate. i dont care if it’s your house toilet, you can crap and dont flush as much as you want (unless u r my housemate), but for public ones, flush please..

    — Citizen Ikhwan