I’m lost on an island!

Posted: 24th April 2008 by Jacky Yong in Silly me

I am stranded on an island. An unfamiliar place with no access to my sanity, where I am reduced to a walking-talking Frankenstein. I do nothing but work, sleep and eat. I have no life.

As Captain Shao Feng a.k.a. Chow Yun Fatt has aptly put it in Pirates of the Carribean, “Welcome to Singapore”!

I am assigned here since Monday, and not leaving till Friday. For this trip, it will be a bit different. For one thing, I have just been promoted to Daddy Level 2. (I was Daddy Level 1 when Kit Yan was born back in 2006) Also, my ubiquitous camera is missing this time. Maybe I have taken all pictures there is to take in Singapore. Or perhaps due to the fact that I am tired of lugging the heavy camera around. Nowadays, taking pictures with the DSLR reminds me of work. Or perhaps 5 days is considered too short for a camera trip? I don’t know.

I am stationed in Starhub Centre in Orchard. And stays in York Hotel, also nearby. Yes, THE Orchard Road. You may say, “Good lar, can go jalan-jalan at night!” But truthfully, there are only so much jalan-jalan you can do in Orchard Road until you get bored. Imagine, walking in Sg Wang for 5 days berturut-turut. You get the idea.

On the first day, I bought a prepaid card to call my wife back home. And bought the mandatory Meiji yogurts from Cold Storage for Yarly and my family. All 2 dozens in total. And I stuffed them in the hotel room’s fridge after taking out the beer and other canned drinks. And ohh …. we were lost in Orchard trying to find a shortcut back to our hotel. On the second day Jane Chong and I went for a walk in Takashimaya. I went side-tracked a bit to HMV. And successfully found a shorter route back to our hotel. Third day, went to find an old friend Kanes Wong. She’s now working in her new job in Singapore, in Eunos. She is now staying in Bishan with her sisters. She is now a church goer too. What a big change she has gone through! I think she has now split from her bf. I never ask.

All the Ferraris, Porches and Lambos, they make me envious. I really felt like driving again. Ohhh the simple pleasures of slipping into a car and starting the ignition keys, and step on the pedal to cruise away with my family. Talking about my family. I think about them all the time! Everytime I see or hear the whining cry of a child, I am immediately reminded of Kit Yan. I used to pity those parents who bring their naughty children to the streets, running here and there like a mad man. Now I am envious of them. How much I would like to see my baby girls again, all 3 of them.

It’s Thursday. Jane Chong’s user, Franklin, belanja us to a salad lunch. How nice of him. Tonight we are packing up to prepare to go back to KL. Of course, there are still some last minute shoppings that I will need to do before I close the luggage.

Singapore, you have been a great host. I will see you again soon.

  1. libelly says:

    “How much I would like to see my baby girls again, all 3 of them.” < == y 3 of them geh? ur wife pregnant again =O

  2. Jacky Yong says:

    Aiyaa ….. 2 little baby girls and one big baby girl marr… (my wife lorr) ….. 😉

  3. libelly says:

    you made me feel that u are a good daddy for the 1st time =) gooodddddddd