Had the opportunity to work on a couple who are getting married this weekend in Pantai Remis. I did their wedding dinner in Equitorial Hotel, KL last week, which was intended for the couple’s friends who are not able to travel all the way to Pantai Remis to attend that wedding.

I arrived at the hotel at 6:30 pm, right on time. But I was still late, because I went to the wrong ballroom! Simply because there was another Kelvin having a wedding dinner in the same hotel!

But it was fated. I bumped into an old friend, Vivian Lee in that wrong ballroom! Only when Vivian called Kelly to confirm on the location, we went down to the right place! Kelly was so afraid that the cameraman will give her the slips!

As usual, the necessary roaming around the ballroom to familiarize myself with the nooks and corners of the room.

Notice how I always used ISO1600 for the entire shot? If I had used a lower ISO, I wouldn’t have gotten this dinner table shot with all the tables in the background so well-lit. See the EXIF for the original unprocessed picture and you’ll know what I mean.

Nothing untowards happened throughout the entire evening. The usual things are expected. The kid-who-always-stand-in-front-of-the-camera was present. He was the naughty sort, always jumping around, kinda reminds me of my own Yan Yan. Lucky he’s a cute kid, looks great on camera actually!

Then it was time for the yam seng. As usual, the groom gets to shake the bottle of champagne and pop the cork. Something embarrassing happened; the cork only flew inches away! Everybody laughed at the antics. Hmmmm,…. I wonder why? 😛

I was not always concentrated in the ballroom. I was free to roam around. This is my favourite shot of the evening:

Caught the picture of the sole dinner guest running up the staircase. I thought this picture looked great!

Wonder why Kelly looked like this?

Kelly’s colleagues made a video, interviewing everyone else about how they think about Kelly. You can imagine the funny remarks made by some of them. It was a hilarious affair!

In the end, Kelvin ended up with all the liquors! He was as drunk as a sailor! According to Kelly a few days later, Kelvin threw up a few times that night. And he claimed to have no recollection whatsoever of what happened on that night! Wait till he sees his own videos!

Here’s to a happy ending to you both! It was a very enjoyable project, thank you for the chance!

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