The bane of using Micro$oft, you get all kinds of worms and trojans. Even if you are an IT geek, you’re not invulnerable from these little pest. I had just opens the page, and it auto downloads. Before I have any say in whether or not to scan it, Trend Micro has “intelligently” verified that it is a trojan. Before I know it, BAM! Bugs crawling all over my laptop screen, literally!

Oh by the way, do not press “YES” at the screen above. Press it and you will open more trojans into your machine!

It didn’t take me long to realized that I have been bugged. I can’t help it, I need to use the company’s laptop for err….. official purposes. 🙂

I tried to see if there is any running background processes by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. WTF??!!

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator??!! I didn’t do it. This bug is good. So I went to check the registry itself.

Go to your faithful Start button (if it’s not been gnawed by the worm yet!), and select Run… Alternatively, you may press “Windows + R” on your keyboard, in case your Windows got really bad!

Type “regedit” and press OK, or Enter. Locate this folder as you would a normal Windows Explorer:


Look for the value DisableTaskMgr on the right panel. Double click on it. You should see the value data as “1”. Overwrite the value as “0” instead, as below:

Click okay. You should be now ready to get back your task manager! Only then, by using a combination of HijackThis and some wit, you will be able to determine the source of the nasty DLL’s.

These rogue dll’s and files are not impossible to remove, but tough. You won’t be able to delete them by just pressing “Delete’. Neither will they be, even when you load into safe mode! How did I kill them? Kinda obvious, I would say. I booted into Windows using the Windows XP CD, pressed “R” for Recovery Console, and I was prompted in DOS-like environment. There I had to use the old DOS way; “DEL whatever -file-that-I-wanted-to-delete-here“. That solves the problem!

Now I have upgrade my Windows to XP Service Pack 3. Despite numerous websites reporting errors while upgrading, especially when you have an HP machine, mine went on without a glitch. Let’s just wait and see of SP3 will be able to stop more of this bugs this time.