No XMMS for me!

Posted: 14th May 2008 by Jacky Yong in Computers
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I give up. I can’t seem to find back XMMS in Hardy. But this is Linux world, everything is available, you just have to look harder. I bumped into Audacious, and it looks like a good XMMS replacement. Contrary to what everybody thinks, XMMS2 is NOT a replacement for XMMS. It’s actually a command line MP3 player, with no GUI! (Yeah, Linux is that eccentric, you do not need to click a mouse to play music, you type commands!)

So yeah, Audacious it is. The interface looks clean and smooth, it auto updates itself (because it’s in the repositories) and most importantly, it plays my music with clicks instead of types!

Photo captured with Screenshot, edited with GIMP.