Mines Fashion Xpression 2007

Posted: 19th June 2007 by Jacky Yong in Photography
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My first humble attempt at fashion photography happened last weekend in Mines Shopping. I had only my lousy kitlens and flash unit. Why do I complain that it’s lousy? Just read on…..

Before the show starts, as usual, some shots of the organizers and the MC. Do you guys know Lynn and Owen, host of 8TV’s “Hey Morning” every Saturday and Sunday mornings? Well, they were there, and I was very ignorant about it! When I entered the lift, I saw this tall handsome guy walking into the lift with me. I was all alone with him, and we didn’t acknowledge each other’s presence. No eye contact whatsoever.

Then when we walked into the foyer, a girl called out to him, “Hey Owen, over here!”. I lifted my glance towards the pretty lady and then only I remembered! They are Lynn and Owen from 8TV! I cannot recognize them individually, but only as a duo they registered in my mind! A bunch of people took turns to take pictures with them, but I missed that. 🙁

Anyway to make up for that, I took a couple of pictures of Owen and the organizers. Lynn was not around anymore.

As I mentioned earlier, I was so embarrassed with my kitlens. Just look at the other cameramen! : ——>

Bazookas and tanks all around, and all I had was the toothpick! At least I has the flash gun, else I would have quit there and then! 😀

Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Ong Tee Kiat, Deputy Minister of Higher Education was the officiating VIP on that event:

You see what I mean? I can’t even get a proper half-body shot of him!

This picture was taken by going REAAALLY close to the stage, like this:

All photos untouched, un-PS, uncropped. No time, just want to share my catch as soon as possible.

The show started with an energetic dance number.

There were some dancers supporting her to this height underneath her dress.

Taken with fast shutter speed and ISO1600, to capture the speed of the movement.


But even at 1/200th of a second, motion blur still happens!

The fashion show starts. As my kitlens has limited range, I had to pick a more strategic location. I picked the place beside the stage, where my distance to the stage is shorter, but it also meant that I can only cover the models sideways!

These are all taken while the models are negotiating their corners. You can see that their bodies are all tilted a bit to the side, very much like F-1 drivers!

Of course, sometimes I get lucky, and the models might come to a stop nearer to me. This is when I can get their proper pose while standing.





I know there were a lot of other photographers at the venue. I have seen their works, and those were miles ahead of what I had! 🙁 Check out their catch at Photokaki.

All said, I am not at all disappointed at the kitlens. Group photos and individual shots at close range are when kitlens combined with the flash units outdo all the other big guns.




It was a tight squeeze where the red background was. One photographer groaned, “Ahh …. I should have brought my wide lens!” I just tried to muffle my giggle! 😀

The closing of the show:

This lady was the most shot organizer that night:

I’m sure you’d agree with me the reason why:

I have a valid reason for using high ISO although flash is allowed. I have taken picture of pictures taken with ISO 100 and ISO 1600 and compared them. Although in both pictures the subject came out clear, it was very obvious that the background of the picture taken in ISO 100 is very dark. Doesn’t work for me, especially apparent in a very long hallway, such as these events. I shall do a posting to compare these two ISOs in flash conditions.

Here’s more pretty leng lui pictures from the fashion shoot. Enjoy!



She’s smiling at me! I’m melting already! 😛


The advantage of this position is that I can get them at this angle:


The fashion do look unique, don’t they? In fact, they were all done by students, NOT professionals. So you can clearly see that these students do have what it takes to be international designers. The clear winner that night (although it was not a competition) was the ones from Lim Kok Wing: —–>



But not all were “that” unique, IMHO. Take a look at these:




The above fashions are from UiTM, which, IMHO, is seriously not up to par. But that’s just my opinion. Like Leonard, I do not claim to be a fashion critique.

Other famous institutions were also involved, like TAR College, but I did not remember which ones were their design.

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