Posted: 3rd January 2006 by Jacky Yong in Current Affairs
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I stay in Seri Kembangan, near Serdang, an area which is governed by MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya). Some of you may be wondering, isn’t Serdang and Subang miles apart? Yes, in fact they are not only physically located differently, they are managed differently too! The state of both township looks severely apart. While Subang may be a booming township with lots of modern facilities, Serdang looks like it has just came back from a time machine from 1945!

Allow me to elaborate my point. First of all, I’m sure that most of you will have heard of the Great Serdang Jam. Oh, it’s just the eternal queue of angry drivers along the road from Taman Universiti right till Mines, that’s a fucking 2 kilometres of crawl! “What’s the big deal?”, some of you might ask. “Subang is also jammed wat?” That my fren, is true, but Serdang’s jam start from 6 am right till 10 pm, through only ONE friggin’ lane, thru 6 traffic lights, and becomes worst on Sunday mornings! Yeah, Sunday mornings is when everyone goes out to the pasar for breakfast. Which is one the reason for the jam, in my opinion. I’m tired of listening to MPSJ’s empty promises to shift the market somewhere else.

How about the street lights? Very evident as you drive from Puchong at night, paid the RM1 toll at the end of the LDP, and towards Serdang. You suddenly felt that you have left civilization. I dunno if you are aware of a Pasar Borong Selangor in the vicinity. Yes, the name suggests that it’s a huge market where all grocerers in Selangor gather for trading vegetables, meats and stuffs. And in fact it is. The huge market is open 24 hours a day, and dare I say, 365 days a week. For a market that significantly important, sad to say, the roads leading to it is badly lit. Not a street light in sight, especially at the dangerous U-turn in front of it! Oh yeah, I remembered, there are only 3 light makers firms that can supply to the government! (The Star story published on 18 Dec 2005…)

Oh, there’s a rubbish dump in front of the Pasar Borong too, how could I forget? Everytime I wind down the window of my defective Proton Iswara (that’s another blog!) to pay the RM1 toll at the LDP, I can’t help taking in the burst of fresh air there. Seri Kembangan (specifically the Air Item Forest Reserve area) has been turned into one large rubbish dump for the whole of Klang Valley. If you notice the name, it’s a FOREST RESERVE area! Who in the right mind would even think of even dumping our rubbish in a forest! It makes me feel that somehow Seri Kembangan is just an unwanted step-brother of Subang and Puchong; you only have obligation towards it, not love. I have also heard of talks to remove it, but promises, promises, promises….

I haven’t really taken a bus yet in Seri Kembangan, but I heard that in order to go to Subang or Puchong, one will have to take a bus to KL, and then only go to Subang. How ridiculous is that, when they are reachable using LDP? But then again, our transportation system in the Klang Valley sux anyway, why else would our roads be so jammed every morning? All in all, I can’t help but feel Seri Kembangan and Serdang desperately needs a different municipal to govern it. MPSJ is seriously overlooking its responsibility where it is needed most.

  1. WC says:

    This is how the Bolehman rule the country. So, “if you tak suka, you keluar dari malaysia” as what our honourable MP said in the Parliament. So, if you dislike MPSJ, move away from there !