It was a very hectic schedule for me that Sunday on the 22nd June 2008. First I had an amateur photoshoot with a bunch of friends in Bagan Lalang. Then I had to rush back home in time for my colleague’s wedding dinner in Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur. Bernard was my driver that night, that was why I had to end my photo session in Bagan Lalang earlier. I’ll leave that for another post.

Bernard arrived at 7 pm sharp. I quickly showered and changed (in less than 10 minutes) and grabbed my essential camera. Not that I was the Official Photographer, but I figured that I wanted to snap some pictures of my beautiful colleagues to share with you all! 🙂

Here’s Bernard. He was my driver that night, so I can afford to drink to all my heart’s content. And if you wanna know, yes, I was drunk that night.

Here are the couple, Fauzi and Thean Ghim. Thean Ghim (or TG as she is affectionately known as) is our colleague. Yes, as you can see, TG converted to Muslim. But I am surprised that Fauzi was a very sporting guy. You see, the couple had both sides of the traditions done for their wedding. The adat bersanding were done at the husband’s side, while the normal tea ceremony was also conducted (at a different day of course). Fauzi even went through the entire painful ritual of “playing the groom”. One of the most memorable was when he was required to bikini-wax his legs! They showed pictures from both the ceremonies, that’s how we knew. Fauzi, I salute you!

See them here? The yam seng ceremony was also conducted that night. I’m sure that they popped sparkling juice instead of real champagne, but the point is that they did the entire ritual, just like any chinese wedding dinner. You see here? They even went round the tables toasting to us!

Ohhh… I did promise you that I will show you pictures of my beautiful colleagues right? Here they are, in no particular order:

Michelle Ooi and her husband. They have known each other since school, so I’ve heard. She has earlier resigned not too long ago, but being in the same department, I guess it’s normal for TG to invite Michelle along.

That’s Eva Farah and Sharifah Fazlin, two of the most beautiful girls around. One of these days, I’m gonna force them to become my models. Here they are again with the bride and Michelle.

Ahhh …. how could I go on without mentioning Carman Chan and Pei Ren. Pei Ren has just joined us not too long ago, but he will be leaving us soon. Can’t take the scope of the job, he said. This guy is older than I am but he doesn’t even look like 30! Carman is a sweet and friendly girl. She just gets along well with everybody. She is the type of girl who is not afraid to speak her mind, and I admire her honesty.

This is Lai Fong and her boyfriend. She is my boss, and she is a pretty little lady too, ain’t she? She may be the quiet type, but she’s really a nice lady once you’ve come to know her.

This is Angel Chong and her son. I’ve seen the little guy in Genting before. At that time, I remember that I brought him to the gents. That night, I was assigned the same duty again! The guy is super active that night. He couldn’t stop moving around, trying to free himself from the baby chair to get down and running. Reminds me of my own Yan Yan. Hmmm…

This picture shows three other pretty ladies that I did not mention before: Eileen, Yarly and Ai Wei, from left to right. Pretty girls in a row huh? 🙂

Ahhh …. I just love this Charlie’s Angel’s picture. Notice the hand grabbing Michelle’s shoulder? I wish I could say that those were mine, and I was grabbing the 3 pretty ladies in one go. But having my picture taken with them is good enough.

As you can already guess my now, I cannot claim credit to all pictures. Most of the pictures taken that night were taken by Carman Chan, with my camera.

It was really nice knowing you Fauzi. Thank you for inviting me over to your wedding dinner. I wish you a happily married bliss and a long life together! Cheers!

  1. libelly says:

    haha… you are so lucky… i mean in the last pic !

  2. lee joseph says:

    become wedding photography expert d….

  3. ina uum says:

    i lost contact with sharifah fazlin.can u give me any contact to her..?tq

  4. moon says:

    Sharifah is very beautiful!