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Posted: 21st June 2008 by Jacky Yong in Cars, Current Affairs, Silly me
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This is my first experience here as a Toyota owner, servicing my Altis. I was prepared for a huge bill. For one thing, I do not have a complete service record for this car, so all other details of the record remain vague. I have called 2 weeks earlier to book an appointment and the receptionist did mention that 80,000 km is a major service for Altis. She did mention a range of RM700 ++.

I bought some very good lubricants before I went there, the Caltex GTX. Cost me RM50 plus. And the original Toyota oil filter. Could save me some buck, I thought.

Went there today, 9 am. It’s just by the road side of the Balakong highway, so you can’t miss it. But I did, simply because there was a bend and there was a side road before you can enter here. Made a couple of u-turns before I finally reached there.

My first impression I was there was how professional everything looks. I wish I had my camera with me. The “garage” does not look like a garage at all. The reception area was air-conditioned, and it looks more like a bank than a sleazy car mechanic place that I used to know. The work area where all the Toyota’s a being serviced is partitioned with a glass wall so you can sit down and look at the buzz of activities on the service floor. There was plenty of space to sit around, two floors of them, to watch TV, even write a blog, as what I am doing now! Free wifi seem to be the “in” thing nowadays everywhere.

The person in charge of my Altis was Edward. Edward is nice guy, smartly dressed in the Toyota shirt of red and white. We conversed in English, and I almost forgot that I am taking my car for a service. He showed me the packages available, the things that needs to be serviced and stuffs. He also showed me the previous service record, which was more than 4 years ago! I have to give in to his argument, you never know how and when the previous owner services the car. It’s better to start from a clean state, and change everything. And that means EVERY DAMN THING! The aircond system will have to be serviced as well, along with other checks. That amounts to a whopping 4 digit bill! All my entire life, the only time when I need to cough out over RM1000 in car service was when I changed my car suspension of my Iswara, and when my Iswara kena accident. BTW, the lubricants that I bought earlier? I can’t use it here. The Maxcheck comes as a package, so even if you were to bring your own parts, they will not use it.

This is just a really major service, and they really mean MAJOR! I have looked at their schedule, where they have the list of services necessary, and the recommended mileage to do it. 80K is always at the end of the table! That really tells you something huh?

Oh well, at least that gives me peace of mind. This service will last me at least another 40K of worry free driving.

Well, got to go. I have got tonnes of work waiting for me to do before the start of UAT testing this Monday. Ciao.

  1. Azmi says:

    I agree with u Jacky…azmi Kajang

  2. intan says:

    find out..if toyota ,balakong still have a vacancy for other job….(general clerk or wateva..suitable with my certificate
    i really wanna join…..pls reply me….Jacky,

  3. Jacky Yong says:

    Errmmm …… unfortunately I do not work in Toyota Balakong. Anybody would like to help Intan?

  4. zahid says:

    the puchong toyota service branch near tesco looks impressive from the outside but the service still way below par. it takes more than 4 hours do do a service and they cannot meet their promised delivery time. if you have nothing better to do and just like to waste your time, you are welcome to service at the new puchong jaya service centre. as for me, this service centre is blacklisted!

  5. Jacky Yong says:

    Thanks for the heads up Zahid. I have always wanted to go try out the Puchong service centre. Now after your feedback, I am having second thoughts!

  6. ralf says:

    well i wanted to sent my toyota to balakong SC ,made a reservation for service and when i came got to wait half an hour just to see the SC guy. and then the SC guy told me to wait for like 4-5 hours for service and check up….. i dont know if thats normal
    but straight away i cancel the service. what an unpleasent experienced with the SC.
    i hope you closed shop and go bankrupt soon with your lousy service and unfriendly SC guy.

  7. intan says:

    so…anybody can help me?
    find me the job at toyota balakong..
    help me how to contact?
    or anybody work at toyota ,balakong…pls recomman any vacancy ……

  8. Jacky Yong says:

    Kesian Intan, nobody wanna help her?

    Intan, you might want to walk in there directly. Or you can go to their website to see got any vacancy or not:

    Give them a call lar, maybe they can help …..

  9. intan says:

    hi jacky….thanks….but i already check no jobs at toyota, balakong,,,,,huhu so sad…if ade pon….shah alam area…so far…..T_T

  10. Park King says:

    intan, i hope this may well be your break in finding a job at the toyota service centre balakong…….

    Wing Hin Automobile Sdn Bhd, Due to expansion, vacancies are available at our new Toyota Service Centre at Shamelin & Balakong as Accounts Assistant

    Applicant Requirements: Knowledge or hands on experience with SAP Accounting System preferred. Possess a pleasant personality and good working attitude. Language requirement(s): English and Bahasa Malaysia. Candidate must possess at least a LCCI. At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position. Computer literate (Microsoft Word & Excel).

    Interested candidates, please apply online or contact:

    FAX: 03-8947 8222 TEL: 03-8947 8333 (EXT 363)

  11. mr.8 says:

    TOYOTA balakong/shamelin vacancies

    1.service advisor
    -diploma automotive
    -mlvk 1,2,3

    -diploma automotive
    -mlvk 1,2,3


    4.pembantu tadbir/peyambut tetamu/pembantu parts
    -computer literate
    -eng & bm

    FAX: 03-8947 8222 TEL: 03-8947 8333 (EXT 363)

    No. 24-26, Jalan 5/41,
    Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras,
    56100 K.L
    FAX: 03-92828673 TEL: 03-92828673
    MR. LIM

  12. Alex Chong says:

    Hi Friend,

    You should understand RM 1000 to service your long-due car is actually nothing, at current market trend certain package includes lubricants & filters, if u bring ur own stuffs it’s unfair to them to grant u warranty should anything goes wrong.

    If u r concern about the bill I will suggest u look for those ” old timer” workshop, there’re a lot in Taman Cheras Perdana & Salak South, not far away from your 3S mentioned, after all ur car is NOT under warranty anymore which I believe, u can bring all dam things there & bargain with them.

    Moreover, RM 50 for ur lubricant is NOTHING big issue, good lubricants cost u RM 300 per pack of 4 litre, and that’s NOT the best even…………..

    Anyhow hope ur car will last for another 40 to 50K before the next major service.

  13. intan says:

    mr8 and pr king….boleh lagi ke i apply da vacancy? at toyota balakong?
    pls contact my number…..

  14. mr ali says:

    mr8..nak tanya..masih ada jawatan kosongsebagai service advisor di pusat svs balakong?saya berminat utk menyertainya.sebelum ini saya bekerja dengan proton svs ctr.jika ada sila reply.t.kasih.

  15. Ahmad says:

    Pada Jumaat lalu 25.01.2013 saya ke Toyota SC d Balakong for normal service. Hari ini 27.01.2013 saya buka bonet untuk tengok engine, sy tengok air bateri at low level, air filter bahagian dalam berhabuk. Sebuah pusat service bertaraf lima bintang tetapi sevice yg dilakukan sambil lewa (take thing for granted). Hasil cucian kereta juga teruk, bahagian dalam tidak dibersih dengan sempurna (lap dan vacum). Cermin depan terdapat kesan tompok seperti air hujan yg sudah kering. Inilah service yg sy dapat untuk service biasa (tukar minyak hitam dan air filter)dengan kos RM274.00dan masa menunggu 2jam. Ingatlah bahawa sy spend money n time at your place because sy yakin dengan jenama pusat service kamu. Sy harap perkara ini tak berulang atau berlaku kpd orang lain.

  16. NAS says:

    My major service of Toyota Rush yesterday cost me RM 1,523.80 ,,, em… the adviser recommended me ” major ” spare parts need to be replaced. I wonder….huh…8 types of parts! I am was calculating it just about RM 700.00 only. Emm…. out of my early target! What to do, for better driving and safeness.. I proceeded. My finally hope is to believe the services center, as the service given should be equally as the quality too.Therefore, I purposely confine myself toward the recommendation of changing the parts as it will grant my expectation on the company accountability toward the clients. TOYOTA – TANJUNG MALIM PERAK