My Toy Story friends

Posted: 25th June 2010 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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I watched Toy Story 3 with my girl two weeks back. The story is about this bunch of toys that belongs to a little boy named Andy. He loves the toys, and he plays with them, and gives them loving care. Toys don’t grow up, but Andy does. A few years has passed and Andy is now a full grown adult, ready to go to college. But what does he do to the toys?
You are my toy. I “played” with you for 2 years, 11 months. And now I have “grown”. I cannot keep you with me forever. And now we need to part.
There was a scene where Andy picks up his toys one by one, and he described them, and how each of them is important to him. As I check back my 3 years of emails, and compile each and every one of your names, I look back at our history, the things we worked on, how we interact with one another. Each one of you are important to me. Some has moved on, some are still here. Some I meet everyday, some I barely meet at all. Some I may have offended, and for that I am deeply sorry. But for what it’s worth, I just want to say a big BIG thank you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Without you, I am just a name.
!!! — WARNING , spoiler alert, sorry if you haven’t watched the show yet — !!!
But at the end, Andy did not say goodbye. He gave a final long look at his toys, and silently said “Thank you guys”.
I’ve finally understand what he means.
Thank you for all the memories, thank you for being there for me, through thick and thins. But most of all, thank you for being a friend. We may not be colleagues anymore, but that does not stop us from being acquaintances.