Happy Father’s Day to me!

Posted: 23rd June 2010 by Jacky Yong in Silly me
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It ain’t easy being a father of two mischievous monkeys. You need to be prepared to spend lotsa time and money with them. And lose a few hairs and weight.

Last Saturday I brought the two of them to Berjaya Times Square. Just so that Hui Yan will not be so left out compared to her sister who goes to the kindies now. But I had a handful trying to control these two hyperactive monsters.


Times Square

We had a short lunch at McDonald’s in BB Plaza. Real short lunch. Didn’t even have time to shop around that place.

Then we went back to BTS again, I wanted to show them the Cosmo’s World. But they being still little, we did not go inside the theme park.

Cosmo World

Later that night we went to have dinner in Sunway. I brought my father along. We wanted to go to Shogun, but we ended up in Hartz Chicken Buffet instead. Everywhere is fully booked, hard to find a decent place for dinner.


My funny face

The next day I thought I could have some peace and quiet at home with the kids while Mei Fen went shopping in MidValley. Bad assumption! At about 3 pm Mei Fen called me to bring the kids to Midvalley. There was a Toy Story 3 “meet the toys in person”! So we went there and waited in line to have our pictures taken! It was so cool meeting the toys in person!


Meet Buzz and Woody!

The kids didn’t seem as excited as ol’ daddy to meet the toys. Check out the expression of the kids!



There was a toy story merchandise being sold there as well, but I must resist the temptation. These are very expensive stuffs!


Expensive Lego

More pictures at my album.