Yokohama A Drive

Posted: 18th June 2010 by Jacky Yong in Cars
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I have recently changed my Altis’s tyres to a set of new Yokohama A-Drive doughnuts. I changed them for RM 185 per piece from Tek Ming in Sunway. Why did I go for this tyre? The main consideration is its price, it’s cheap considering its performance and quietness.



Yokohama A Drive

Yokohama A Drive, size 195/60/15

Let’s get one thing straight; I do not work for Yokohama, I do not own a tyre shop, and I gain no prizes for writing this recommendation for this tyre. I believe in this tyre because I have used it in my wife’s Wira before. Check this out, the two cars wearing the same shoes:



Yokos on two cars

Yokos on two cars, all 8 tyres of them!

That’s how convinced I am! When I changed the Yokos on the Wira, my wife’s first impression to me was “This tyre is so much quieter!” Some would argue that all new tyres are quiet. However the Wira has done almost 15,000 km now, over a duration of 18 months. And now the noise is still very much acceptable! Also, I have compared it to similarly spec-ed Michelin and Bridgestone, both brands are priced at a much higher premium, way beyond reach for a poor bloke like me. 🙁



Deep grooves

Deep grooves for water channeling

The cornering ability on both wet and dry is above average. I still managed to skid the Wira on a very challenging corner, but it took a lot of effort to do it. I doubt one can really make the tyre lose contact with the ground under normal circumstances. Even in rainy conditions, the tyre runs firmly on the ground and over puddles! Can’t say the same for the old Goodyear tyres!

Not all are good about this tyre. Being such a soft tyre, it loses it’s rubber to wear and tear very easily. The Yokos on the Wira has now developed small cracks and immature wear. But probably that is due to heavy usage of the car. No biggie, it’s almost time to change it anyway. Also the quietness is not very apparent when I changed it on the Altis, probably because the noise insulation on the Altis is so much better than the Wira, so I did not really feel any difference.

One minor quirk I noticed that the A-Drive gives the Altis a totally different handling. It now handles sharp corners much better, lesser body roll due to much stiffer side walls. And dare I say too, the rolling resistance is slightly better compared to the NCT5. Previously I clocked only up to a maximum of 470 km on a tankful, but yesterday I managed 509.4 km before the low-fuel gauge lit up. That’s about 14 cents per km vs 13 cents per km. Not a huge difference, but noticeable in the long run.

So will I use it again in the future? If there are no other better alternatives in the same price bracket, this Yokohama will stay on as the perfect tyre for me.

  1. Jonny says:

    Absolutely love this page…. Thankyou!

    I was considering these boots and have a really good price on em.

    So good that i was led to question them.

    Your perfect pictures and description have made it a clear and simple choice for me.

    I was going to use Dunlop SP 01 for better wet/dry balance, but i have used these before and the wear down rate was horrendously quick.

    Brilliant Review. Brillant web pages.

  2. Immanuel says:

    Yokohama 155/65R13T73

    I too have gone in favor of over XM1+ Energy for my Zen Estilo which had stock tires of JK.

    After the replacement i noticed better handling and the comfort.

    Fuel bills are reduced about for 10%…!!!

  3. Matt says:

    How is your tyres now? I am considering A-Drive…

    Please give me feedback to my email so that I know if I should go for it…

    Many thanks


  4. Jacky Yong says:

    Hi Matt,

    I personally feel that it’s worth your money. It’s cheap, that’s what I am saying, and for that money to get that kinda performance is really worth it. It will not make you handle like an F1 driver in the rain, but it will definitely bring you from point A to point B safely. Noise level is acceptable, better than my previous Goodyear Eagle GA tyres, even after 5000 km. And in instances when I really need to brake hard or corner hard, it still manages handles quite gracefully. But that said, it’s not a tyre you would want to do hard cornering in. It’s a bit soft, but that’s a good thing if comfort is what you are after.

    Hope that will be able to guide you. 😉

  5. itachi says:

    i’m already use this tyre and still try a perfomance……….

  6. hashim says:

    how much price tyre yokohama a drive 205/50/16

  7. JYLeong says:

    My wife’s kelisa is wearing 4 A-drive boots since 2008 and I must say it is really a pleasent drive driving her kelisa. The car feels very stable even running at 120km/h and this has been consistent thru out the 20,000km of the tyres’ life span until now. To my surprise, the front tyres still have around 50% of their thread despite running for over 20,000km! Recently shifted the fronts with the rears and now continue to enjoy the pleasent drive!
    As result, I too recently changed the 4 boots of my myvi to A-drive! 🙂 Both 2 cars also wearing 4 A-drive. 🙂

  8. john says:

    nice website looking for new tire to install..

  9. Brandon says:

    I just change to Yoko A-drive for my kelisa for RM135 per tyre :D. Gonna feel the different when i drive to work tmr 😀

  10. Seth says:

    Brandon, Where did you buy the tyres from? I was quoted RM150 per tyre.

  11. Jacky Yong says:

    I got my tyres from here:

    Pusat Servis Tayar Weng Heng
    No. 15,Jalan G25/G, Bukit Kemuning, Batu 8, Shah Alam, Selangor, 40400
    Tel : 03-5121 0902

    Price for Yokohama A Drive 175 / 70 R13 is RM125, the cheapest I can find so far.

    Can easily search in Google Map, or enter 3.0168841N 101.5293065E in your GPS

  12. Tiong says:

    Hi, i’ve change my persona tyre with this one. 195/55 R15 yokohama A-drive at Tek Ming Sunway. Got RM200/piece. The price has gone up since Najib introduce TR1MA for taxi.