Toy Story 3 has a lot of heart!

Posted: 16th June 2010 by Jacky Yong in Movies and TV Shows, Silly me
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I just came back from Sunway, burnt through 5 hours of Toy Story marathon wearing a silly 3D glasses. I only went there with Yan Yan. Mei Fen initially wanted to come, but decided to stay home to take care of Hui Yan.

The marathon began at 7 pm. It was free seating so it was a good idea to come early. But I choose to go have dinner first at Starbucks with Yan Yan. I don’t want her to complain of hunger in the middle of the show.

——– WARNING : slight plot revealed ———-

By now you should have already known what Toy Story 3 is about and seen bits and pieces of it all over the internet. So I would assume that you have already know what the main plot is. Andy is now all grown up and he has to decide how to manage his toys. Toy Story 3 begins with a really great dream sequence of a play scene of Andy with his toys, a mixture from the original Toy Story and Toy Story 2, but in this one, the play scene is more lively and elaborate! Death by Monkey rocks!!

The kid-rolling fun ends roughly 30 minutes into the show and took on a slightly more adult message when the toys are transported to a day care centre. Later they found out that the place is not what it seems, and they hatched an amazing escape plan. Good ol’ Woody, you can always count on him for his resourcefulness.

Over the years Pixar has improved by leaps and bounds technically. This is evident in its generous use of vast open spaces, incredibly detailed objects (even the trash bin looks beautiful!), and of course, the almost compulsory use of 3D in films nowadays. The only complain I have is that fast moving objects seems to exhibit ghosting effects using the goggles, and that it’s dimmer. And the fact that the tickets are free-seating, I was not sitting at a nominal position to enjoy the movie.

The entire story however, I felt was not all sweet and juicy, despite all the eye-candy. It carries a very dark sinister undertone, and deals with very heavy issues, like compelling moral question about immortality, friendship, and life’s inevitable separation and heart-breaks. Also this third Toy Story brings with it the occasional sexist remarks (nice legs-warmer, nice ass-cots), and a hole lot of whizz-bang fast action sequences. Not a very suitable movie for my 4-year-old Yan Yan, I personally feel.

I don’t remember watching an animation movie, or any movie for that matter, that made me feel so intense! The last time I felt this way was when Frodo and Sam were trapped in that lava field by the hill before they were rescued by Gandalf. I really felt the hopelessness, the struggle, and in the end, the peaceful realization projected by the toys, without even a single word uttered! I don’t think any life-actors would be able to pull it off so magnificently yet so simply! Amazing piece of animation work from the PIXAR team!

And in the end, the goodbyes were not only heart-breaking, it was painfully down-to-earth, no sweet mushy-mushy happy endings. That’s all I can say. I did not shed any tears, but my heart totally sank! Andy did a great performance in this one! Again, not a single word that conveys this feeling, it was all in the animation work. Brilliant work!

There was a lot of reference to the original Toy Story 1 and 2, such as the play sequence I mentioned, and also in the lines. Lotso the pink bear kinda reminds me of the Prospector in Toy Story 2, and there is also the touching moments of a previous owner abandoning her toy. Andy also gives Woody a piggy back ride, a wink to the original movie. These kinda scenes ties back beautifully with the entire franchise of Toy Story and doesn’t look like a sore addition most other sequels feel. Instead of sticking out, Toy Story 3 just blends in!

I have mentioned Lotso, but the other character worth mentioning is the “girlie toy” Ken. Ken provides most of the light moments of the show, but in the end he helped made everything right again. Sadly none of the other new characters portray much to help the plot. They are really forgettable.

I got the tickets for free, but I personally felt it was worth going to again, just to get the feel. Again I think we’ve got another winner from PIXAR this year! ~woot!~~