Not-so-Great Day

Posted: 21st January 2011 by Jacky Yong in Movies and TV Shows
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Went to watch the much hyped Great Day, 天天好天, a movie directed by the same person who gave you Tiger WooHoo last year. This 天天好天 movie has a lot to live up to, since it features so many of the previous actors and actresses from Tiger WooHoo. There was also a lot of so-called “good reviews” in My FM (very biased, don’t you think so?).

I went to watch it in Alamanda Putrajaya with my wife and two monkees. I went through all the trouble of making sure the kids are properly fed, rested and clothed so that they are comfy inside the cinema. The cinema hall itself is small, but it was surprisingly well kept. It was clean and does not smell like most other cinemas I have been to.

And yes, it was disappointing. And I was not surprised, I wasn’t really expecting anything from this movie. Unlike Tiger WooHoo, Great Day has a lot more slapsticks and silly punter. You can make a 10-year-old laugh, but you’re gonna have to try a little harder on me. It’s story is also not as rich, and its characters felt very two-dimension. It’s as deep as a puddle of water in the middle of midday Sahara.

To its credit, the movie is filled with very picturesque landscape scenes and a great cinematography skill to fully digest it all in. And the acting by the main actors and actresses are very real, very believable. Kudos must be given to the decision not to use back too much of the previous actors (like Ah Lian). Some characters from Tiger WooHoo did make an appearance, but they do not really refer to that movie too much. A wise decision I must say. Deejays like Wan Wai Fun and Cheok Wai Kan are given more screentimes, and they do make great supporting actresses. The kid actor / actress are very convincing too.

And as usual, this being an Astro fair, a lot of precious time were spent on in-movie advertising. They are the in-your-face kind of advertising. Astro, Canon, LG are some of which I see. See if you can find more…

Trivia: Royce Tan’s scooter made at least one traffic violation: no headlights, and are motorcycles allowed inside the tunnel along Jalan Tun Razak?