Broadband your life!

Posted: 21st February 2011 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Current Affairs, Silly me
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Unifi has come to my area! YES! Despite calls to boycott its service, I have made my own research and have decided that Unifi is the right broadband service for me.

My journey in getting myself wired to the internet harks back to the days of Jaring and TM dialup. For those of you old enough to remember, you would definitely be familiar with the whirring dialing tone of the damn phone trying to make a connection with the server. Frustrating it may be, we endured it because it was the only way to get ourselves online back then.

I used Streamyx when I moved to my home in Seri Kembangan. I still remembered that the account actually belonged to my ex-colleague Jayce who wanted to move to a new place and couldn’t terminate the account because it was still quite new. So I took over her Streamyx account, which was what I wanted anyway. It was the 512 kbps package with unlimited download. Sure, it kept disconnecting, and the speed leaves a lot to desire. But I tried Maxis broadband before and it was much worse! Believe me, at that time, Streamyx still rules!

Fast forward to 2009, I have decided that enough is enough. I downgraded my Streamyx to the cheapest package and applied for P1. Once P1 is more stable, I even terminated Streamyx, thanks to that very strong message from P1 asking us to potong. I only kept the phone line, but as far as I am concerned, my broadband life with TM has effectively been potong-ed. Or has it?

Being one of the earliest adopter of P1 has its advantage, I have the internet all to myself. But P1 is beginning to give me a lot of headaches too of late. It will behave nicely for 5 minutes, and in the next hour it will slow to a crawl. Probably the influx of people subscribing to the service in my area. I can only have a decent surf in the unearthly hours of the morning. At other times I will never be able to surf at all, especially at night. This is very frustrating, as this is the time when I got back home and expect to enjoy myself playing some Facebook games or checking mails.

Amidst the call to boycott Unifi due to its capping limit, I find that the cap limit is actually fair. Coming from a P1 user, I get to download only 20 measly gigabytes of data per month! At first when I used it I was not used to it. It basically means no more mindless torrenting all day. But come to think of it, I can’t really consume everything that I download every month. There is no time to watch all of these movies anyway with the two kids to take care of. I learn to prioritize what I really need and practise a little self-discipline. I call that broadband-abstinence!  So what if I were to be capped at 60 GBytes for the VIP5 package? No big deal for me really.

I can say for sure that P1 is set to lose its customer. It would seem that my love for TM broadband has returned. I have applied for Unifi service a week ago during its promotion period. The move by the government to give us a RM500 rebate for broadband service has sweeten the deal even more. I will soon be surfing at 5 MB/s, which, according to forums, is realistically achievable. Although this is by no means cheap compared to our neighbouring countries, this is already the best that we have at the moment!

  1. cheefai7 says:

    My area only recently installed the green dustbin!