P1 has top up feature!

Posted: 25th February 2011 by Jacky Yong in Computers, Current Affairs
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This is something interesting ….. something popped out onto my browser this morning without me realizing. I thought it was a damn spam, but it turns out it was P1! It says that my limit has been breached and I should consider paying a small amount to increase the limit!

P! Thanks you

P1 Thanks you for your over-usage

I’d say that this is certainly a welcomed strategy. Instead of throttling us like mad, they should give us the option to give a bit more to have my limit extended. And the package looks interesting enough, 2 GB for only RM10 during this promotional period!

Purchase more gigabytes!

Purchase more gigabytes here!

This works out to be the exactly the same price that I am paying now per gigabyte, but it won’t be such a good deal when the promotion is over. It’s valid for 30 days, more than enough for me though.

Edit one day later : I burnt through all the extra 2 Gigabytes that I purchased in less than 24 hours! That’s how “efficient” I am …. ahem ….